4 Ways My Blog Landed Me Great Paying Jobs

4 Ways My Blog Landed Me Great Paying JobsBy Allie Irish

I have blogged for 4 years now. I had hoped to reach some kind of great fame (and money) by now, but most days, I just have a sore back and eye strain.

Sure, my blog’s been read by a few thousand people. And there were times I made some extra cash. But, I do need to confess, it did end up being a hobby for me – until just a month ago.

What changed?

I started looking for work, I needed a paying job. Surprisingly, my blog is helping me land some good paying gigs.

How Did My Blog Get Me Work?

To many outsiders blogging is silly. It’s the “mommy blogs” or people talking about their pets or posting silly memes. But to a blogger, blogging is a serious job (even if unpaid).

Bloggers come in many varieties. There are the gossip bloggers, fashion bloggers, the DIYers, techies, fitness gurus, political writers, and the list goes on and on. And every type of blog can help someone land a job.

My blog is a mix of mom-meets-home business. You learn a little about my life, but more about working from home.

When I began my blog, I expected to make money through affiliate sales and direct ad sales, but that rarely happened. Instead it has been used as a tool to get me a solid work. How you ask?

The Four Ways My Blog Helped Me Land Great Paying Gigs

1. Networking

Ask any blogger, networking is the key to a establishing yourself as a serious blogger and a popular blog. Getting to know other bloggers through commenting, forums, social media, and even offline meetings helps boost your popularity and forges beneficial relationships.

When I decided to seek a position is social media marketing, I reached out to my network I had formed over the last 4 years. I simply asked if anyone had any leads or where are good places I could start. Because bloggers are awesome, I received many helpful replies.

2. Skills

I am also seeking possible writing opportunities. Blogging shows off so many skills media companies are looking for.

For starters, bloggers can write. They can also edit, be organized, and self-motivated. Skills writers need.

But these are not the only skills bloggers possess. Bloggers are great communicators and they know how to be leaders. They love meeting new people and know what people like to read. And you need tenacity to be a blogger, because sometimes fame takes its own time in the blogging world.

I would say to have a tenacious blogger working for your company is a benefit.

3. Online Marketing

At some point in the bloggers life, she will realize to get readers she will need to go get them, hence begins her marketing education.

She will research how to gain readership and in doing so, learn valuable online marketing concepts in social media, communication, email marketing, advertising, and even search engine optimization (SEO). These skills could surely set a blogger apart from her non-blogging counterpart.

4. Industry Professional

You do not need to seek social media or writing positions as a blogger. Like I stated above, bloggers write about anything and everything.

Are you looking to become an accountant? Having a blog about accounting can really set you apart as someone who knows the industry.

Maybe you would like to publish a pizza recipe book. A blog all about pizza surely will help you sell more copies.

A blog is like an extension of your resume. If done professionally and intelligently, a blog can set you apart from another applicant that could have grabbed that job.

Don’t stop publishing posts just because you have only received one comment in the last 3 months. Keep writing and produce some awesome content. Maybe some day an employer will read it and hire you.

Allie owns and writes Ramblings of a WAHM blog where she strives to help the whole work at home mom find perfect integration between her work and her life. She knows that when mom prospers everything she cares about prospers also: her family, her life and her business.

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