4 Ways to Manage Your Internet Empire

4 Ways to Manage Your Internet EmpireBy Danielle Buffardi

As an online entrepreneur, your mindset should be set to advancing constantly. You should always be looking for new ventures, new opportunities to take part in, and new ways to bring attention to your company. To accomplish this consistent growth, sometimes it’s best to go back and find the simple in things, while other times it’s best to push forward with the latest technology available to us.

The trick to growing an Internet empire is finding that happy medium of virtual and hands-on strategies.

Below are four great tips to aid in achieving that balance.

1. Be in the Moment:

It’s always best to think and plan ahead for future success, but it also helps to stay grounded when the time calls for it. Allow yourself to live in the moment when you feel the need to reevaluate yourself and your company’s direction. Staying present will let you feel where you need to go rather than just giving it a quick thought. If your company needs some extra attention in a specific area, feel that and act on it through meditating on the problem as well as visualizing the solution. Solutions come best while your mind’s at rest.

2. Stay Organized:

This can be done virtually, utilizing online tools such as Google Docs, or you can sit down in a nice comfy chair with a pen and some paper and transcribe a to-do list and calendar. Find what works best for you, perhaps it’s a combination of the two. I like to incorporate both; for instance, I use Google Docs as my word processing pilot, but I prefer to hand-write my to-do list and calendar. I use different colored highlighters for when due dates approach so I know what needs to get done pronto and what can wait. As far as keeping abreast of my social media sites, I like using programs such as HootSuite where I can update everything all at once. Saves me my time and sanity.

3. Watch Your Costs:

Because we’re online workers and we conduct our money-making adventures strictly online, I find it’s best to be very well acquainted with where your money is going. Sure, we get to write a lot of things off come tax time, but we don’t get to write everything off. Knowing where your money goes is crucial in an online business. The less you spend, the more you make.

4. Staying Ahead:

This corresponds to all aspects of your business. From brainstorming new ideas, to attending conferences, and incorporating the latest trends in your business. Because we lead from our keyboards, it’s easy to lose sight of what direction we should be going in. Our business depends on us to nourish it and no one can care for it the way we can. Staying ahead means planning, developing, and growing constantly both in the real and the virtual worlds. Expanding and contracting on our bottom line, our clients, and ourselves will help ensure our Internet empires never go out of style.

Danielle Buffardi is an award-winning freelance blogger, freelance writer, virtual assistant, and social media manager specializing in the areas of small business, virtual companies, family, pregnancy, and entrepreneurship. To learn more about Danielle and the services she offers, please visit her on the web at www.PenPointEditorial.com.

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