5 Easy Ways to Get Your Business in the News

Get Your Business in the NewsBy Alicia Lawrence

No matter how aggressive your marketing campaigns, your best marketing tools may be the ones you use when you’re not selling. A mention in the press can do as much for your business as any marketing strategy.

In fact, a solid PR campaign is a great way to bolster your business’s reputation and credibility. That’s especially true if you know how to put it in the most positive light possible.

Here are five ways you can create buzz about your business:

Hold a Free Public Event:

Nothing brings people together like a free event. Rent a local space, or decorate your own space, and put together a fun event with games and activities, as well as free food and drink. Next, invite anyone who might help you grow your business. For instance, if you run a party store, invite kids and parents for an afternoon of games and rides.

Give Back to the Community:

If you’re a naturally philanthropic person, you’re already halfway towards making charitable activities part of your PR plan. Ideally, the causes you support should be a natural fit for your business. If you write software, for example, writing free programs for nonprofits or giving free computer classes can go a long way to putting your business in a positive light.

Talk About Hot New Trends:

Keep your eyes out for upcoming stories about hot or emerging trends and then find a way to become part of the story. Just remember that while it’s fine to mention your business, don’t use the article as a selling platform.

Attend or Speak at Professional Events:

Potential customers like to work with business owners who know what they’re doing. What better way to establish yourself as a knowledge leader than by talking about your business? Take part in professional conferences and other events whenever possible. In particular, look for events where you may be invited to give a presentation.

Write for Other Publications:

Even if you’re writing your own blog, your readership is limited to people who visit your site. Going outside your existing circle is a great way to expand that circle. Instead of focusing only on your own blog, find sites that invite guest contributors and write posts for them. You’ll likely be surprised by just how much traffic and credibility this can generate for your site.

If your marketing campaigns have become stagnant, a great PR strategy could be the boost you need to raise awareness and ultimately increase sales.

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Alicia Lawrence is a content coordinator for a tech company. In her free time, she takes business courses at a college online and writes on her blog MarCom Land.

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