5 Health Tips for Work-at-Home Women

5 Health Tips for Work-at-Home WomenBy David Bakke

There are no firm statistics on the number of women who currently make money from home, but it’s safe to assume it’s a rising trend. While the advantages are many – extra time for family, no commute, no need to dress in office attire – one big minus is the sudden sedentary lifestyle that comes from walking solely from the bedroom to the office, then sitting at a computer all day.

Here are some ways women can keep themselves in tip top shape while working at home:

1. Eat Better

If you’ve gone from a career on your feet to one where you hardly move, consider making some modest changes to your diet to keep the weight off. Introduce more fresh fruits and vegetables. You’ll have a healthier immune system, feel more energetic, and can even save some money. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water. It’s good for you and keeps you from noshing. Plus, force intervals into your snacking schedule – tell yourself you’ll have something healthy every three hours, for instance. The key here is to not open the refrigerator every time you get a whim.

2. Force Yourself to Take Breaks

Speaking of intervals, you need them not just for sustenance but to reenergize. And you can schedule all the breaks in the world, but they’re very easy to put off. If you’re not careful, your work day will have passed, and you’ll never have left your desk. This is a challenge of working from home. Consider using a small bottle that you have to refill regularly. That way, you have to get up frequently. Also, place your cell phone on the other side of the house. If you work downstairs, try keeping it upstairs and vice versa.

3. Rest Your Eyes

If your career is computer-based, you may find yourself experiencing eye problems and even tension headaches. Do not ignore these signs. Try this 20-20-20 rule: Every 20 minutes, look away from your monitor for 20 seconds at an item that is at least 20 feet away. Be sure to use proper lighting and have a glare screen on your monitor. The goal here is to recondition your eye muscles and prevent strain.

4. Work Out More

If you had a workout program when you had your day job, you should bump it up. Extend the amount of aerobic activity and add a few more strength-building exercises. If you weren’t working out at all, use some of your new found free time to get going on an exercise regimen. You don’t even need to join a gym, as workout opportunities are all around† you.

5. Exercise During Your Work Day

Even if you have to sit inside all day, you can still keep yourself fit. Stretch, flex, or gently rotate your leg, neck, shoulder, and calf muscles to remain limber. Do it every time you take that 20-second break we mentioned above or whenever you get up for water. Or do 20 jumping jacks every hour or so. In short, as the saying goes, just do it. Studies have shown that people who become less active when they start working from home experience a decided gain in abdominal fat. If you keep moving every day all day, you’ll at least be able to ward that off.

Final Thoughts

Working from home definitely has its upsides, but you won’t be able to enjoy them as much if you don’t stay in shape. Sitting for long periods of time causes you to lose energy and develop a general feeling of listlessness. And that takes a toll on every area of your life, not just your health. Adjust your diet and put changes in place so you’re as active as you were before you became home-based.

How do you stay healthy as a work-at-home woman?

David Bakke has a young son and works from his home in Atlanta, GA. He blogs about money management, careers, and healthy living on the site, Money Crashers Personal Finance.

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