5 Things Work At Home Moms Should Never Forget

5 Things Work At Home Moms Should Never ForgetBy Louise Blake

Working from home may sound like the ideal job situation – no stressful commutes, no stiff office clothing, plus all the comforts of your living space on hand. Sound tempting? Of course it does. You earn your own living from the sanctity of your house while looking after your kids… and you get to do so while wearing whatever you want.

But that’s ‘the work at home mom’ as a Disney movie. The truth is that it’s hard working from home. Studies have demonstrated alarming rates of dissatisfaction, resentment and even depression from mothers who’ve merged their professional and home lives. So whether you’re contemplating working from home or struggling to adjust to your new work-from-home life, here are some tips you should always keep in mind.

1) Get Out of the House

And not to the supermarket or the bank! If you worked 9-5 when you were on site, it’s easy to think that you need to replicate those hours when you’re at home. But the thing about having to commute to work is that you’re actually glad to come home at the end of the day. Spending every day at home is detrimental to your well-being and you’re likely to feel restless. This may not be possible with very young children, but when your kids are older, why not take them to the library and do some work there as they read?

2) Socialize With Other Adults

A common complaint among women who work from home is having no identity beyond ‘mom’. Whatever your onsite job entailed, it’s likely you spent a big chunk of your day surrounded by and interacting with other adults. And that’s a big thing to give up. You might still regularly correspond with clients and colleagues, but it’s not the same. Make it a point to see other adults, whether that involves taking a class or simply getting together with your friends for a drink every couple of weeks.

3) Stay Updated

When your television is constantly turned to the kids’ channel, it’s tough to stay abreast of current affairs. And it’s easy to let things like reading the paper or checking news sites fall by the wayside when you’re working longer hours (which tends to be the case when there’s less physical separation between ‘home’ and ‘work’) and keeping up with the housework. Don’t do that! Knowing what’s going on in the world isn’t just a handy social skill, it helps combat feeling like your life revolves around the house.

4) Keep Things Comfortable

Don’t take certain aspects of office life for granted – like having lots of natural light, or an ergonomic chair and a properly-sized desk. Working from home doesn’t mean you have to make do by sitting at the dining table all day, especially if your back hurts from sitting on an ordinary kitchen chair. Ensure your workspace replicates the comforts of office life as much as possible – it’ll increase your productivity and help you stay focused.

5) Ask For Help

If you’re feeling upset or overwhelmed, don’t stay quiet. Make an arrangement with your partner to help out more around the house, or enlist a family member or close friend to help take the kids off your hands every once in a while. Remember that you’re not alone and that feelings of unhappiness are not abnormal, nor do they make you a bad mother. It can be hard to admit that there’s something wrong, but the sooner you do, the sooner something can be done about it.

Got any more tips for work-at-home mom essentials? Do share them in the comments.

Louise Blake is a new mother and blogger. She writes for numerous blogs as well as the womens magazine Candis. You can follow her latest adventures on Twitter.

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