5 Things You Haven’t Thought of That Keep Your Office Organized

Office OrganizationBy Casey Haslem

Studies show that a disorganized work space can affect not only productivity, but also your mood. Professionals who are surrounded by organization get more done, stay focused more easily, and set good first impressions with managers and clients. If you’re tired of looking at the clutter, it’s time to be proactive so that you eliminate the clutter for a happier professional life.

While there are obvious steps professionals can take to organize their space, here are 5 things the average professional doesn’t think of:

Make Sure Your Space Flows

Not everyone works the same way. You have to consider your daily processes, the files you use, the supplies you need access to regularly, the books you may need to reference, and which desk drawers and shelves are easiest for you to access. You don’t want your notepads to be out of arm’s reach if you use it regularly to take notes. When you’re arranging your office, dedicate drawers and surface space closest to you to things of priority. The items you won’t need as often can be stored out of the way until they’re of use for you.

Get an Unbiased Perspective

As you’re sitting in your home office, you might not see the trouble areas because it’s hard to be objective. Sometimes you need to take a step back and see your desk how the outsider sees it. Take pictures of your space from all angles. By doing this, you can see what a client would see if they saw pictures of the office in a magazine. Once you see the cluttered areas, it’ll help you determine where you need to simplify and declutter.

Get Rid of the Cable Mess

As you might notice in the pictures you’ve taken, the computer power cables, Internet cables, and all of the other intertwined cables can be an eyesore. There are several different cable management applications that can make taming the mess very easy. You can use ties, cord covers, sleeving, wall raceways, wraps, and a variety of different products to hide the mess or make it more attractive.

Hidden Storage Will Make You More Efficient

Everyone knows that file cabinets and drawers are for storage, but hidden storage will make a confined space much efficient. The routers, the modems, and other essential supplies that doesn’t need to physically be accessed can be hidden behind monitors or under desks. Peg board hidden in backrooms can also be useful to mount important papers.

Organizing Files

A space can look organized when it’s not. File cabinets are the nemesis of organization, and you can be proactive to avoid getting behind when you’re organizing. You should date files with expiration dates where invoices, statements, and other dated materials are. Be sure to shred these once the file “expires”.

Stop letting the clutter affect your career, and start getting organized. With these tips, you can tame the mess, take control, and get more done on a daily and weekly basis. Eliminate the clutter and then eliminate the stress.

Casey Haslem – a 25 year old writer. Her hobbies are reading, painting and pretending she knows how to write a book. She loves meeting people and making new friends. Writing opens up a whole world of new ideas and possibilities for her. She uses cabletiesandmore.com to keep her office organized.

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