5 Tips on Optimizing Your Facebook Business Page

5 Tips on Optimizing Your Facebook Business PageBy Mandy Fricke

Search engine optimization (SEO) is definitely a part of the conversation you have with your web team, but is SEO something you’ve ever thought about for your Facebook business page? Is your social media team SEO savvy? These are things to think about, because Facebook SEO can definitely have a positive impact on your Facebook page performance.

Here are some helpful tips that can help you get the most out of your Facebook business page:

1. Use keywords.

Keyword optimization is just as important on your Facebook page as it is on your main web content, and it’s probably the single most impactful thing you can tweak on your Facebook profile. Remember that your About, Company Description, and Mission sections are all indexable and should be appropriately, accurately and insightfully filled out. Having your keywords in your company description is particularly important. Also give consideration to your actual page name when creating your Facebook page. If you have some flexibility with the name, there may be an SEO opportunity in the name of your page.

2. Accurate and complete information.

Make sure all of your company profile information is filled out completely and accurately. Your phone number, full address, city, state and website information are all indexable and can be particularly important in local and check-in searches. Remember that Facebook mobile users may look for your business through search, and if your location information isn’t in there or is inaccurate, they will not be able to find you easily. Also, search engines give more weight to businesses that have fully filled-out information rather than those who have a lot of blank lines. Even if your business is primarily online, having your location information is critical.

3. Backlinks, backlinks, backlinks!

Having your Facebook brand page linked by your existing web properties, email blasts and other social outreach channels is a fantastic way to get backlinks. If you use a commercial mailing service such as MailChimp or Constant Contact, make sure you keep an online archive of your newsletter or marketing emails that people can share or link to. If bloggers write about your service or product, reach out to them and ask if they can include a link to your Facebook page in their content. If you sponsor posts on media sites, include a Facebook link in the content. The more authentic, high-quality backlinks you have to your Facebook profile, the better.

4. Optimize your Facebook posts.

The first few words of your Facebook status updates could be considered meta words for SEO purposes. Thus, make sure your Facebook status updates are punchy, topical and contain keywords that you want people to find when they search. Just thinking about the SEO benefit of posts can help inspire you to change a few words here and there or flip the sentence around so that you’re thinking in terms of page optimization. Be careful, though, not to make your updates sound spammy or false. Be genuine and helpful so that people want to continue to engage and share your posts.

5. Check your page categories.

There are lots of categories and subcategories for Facebook brand pages. Make sure your brand page is categorized correctly, and double-check to see if there are sub-categories available in your market. The more detailed information you give, the more accurate and qualified the people who find your page will be, because the ones who search for specific information will be more likely to find you.

Google and other search engines have been indexed Facebook pages for some time now, and with Facebook’s new Graph Search, making sure your Facebook brand page is up to date and SEO friendly is more important than it’s ever been. It might be time to double-check your Facebook info with SEO results in mind. Happy tweaking!

Mandy Fricke is the community manager for Georgetown University in Washington D.C. Nursing@Georgetown, a Master in Nursing program, as well as a contributor to the Nursing License Map. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, reading, and yoga.

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