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Marketing CareersBy James Mckenzie

Marketing is a field with a large diversity of job opportunities that offer many different work at home career paths. Changes in the marketing environment are indeed opening more opportunities for Marketing professionals especially those with online and analytical skills. Marketing is a field that offers a wide range of exciting opportunities that are needed in many organizations, retailers, consulting firms and advertising agencies.

Marketing is vital for the existence and success of any business. A business will buy goods and materials, manufacture products, provide a service to customers or market a product to a market segment whether it is online or through traditional channels. This all seems a simple process, but the major hurdle is the competition any business will face and as long as competition exists there will be a need for capable and knowledgeable marketers that can identify the right the right product or service, convey the right message, and market the service or product to consumers.

Each of the various marketing areas listed below requires a particular set of professional skills. Make sure you become familiar with each of the skills typically required for each marketing area so you can come up with an action plan for identifying the marketing specialization that best fits with your interests, skills and educational background.

1. Market Research Analyst:  

Marketing Researchers study market conditions to examine potential sales for a particular product or service. They study past statistics to predict future sales, gather data on competitors and use statistical models to gather the necessary information for deciding how to promote, design and price a product.   Marketing Research Analysts should have strong math and analytical skills and be very detailed oriented in order to analyze and collect data on customer preferences and demographics.  Prepare statistical reports on the findings and translate those findings into written text so it can be actionable.

2. Brand Management:  

A Brand Manager will identify a company’s most valuable customers,  and investigate what motivates them and what would make those customers choose the company’s brands over any of their competitors. They will create a brand message that relates to the target audience and position the message to create a strong brand identity. Brand Managers will be involved with monitoring the brand message, and how customers are reacting or identifying with the brand. They will periodically measure brand equity and make necessary adjustments. A Brand Manager should have good analytical skills to analyze data, have an instinctive feeling about future products or service concepts, and able to respond to customer demands. Good communication and listening skills are also essential to be successful along with a creative mind to develop the right message and determine the right set of strategies.

3. Internet Marketing:  

Internet Marketers optimize keep track and report on website performance. They will optimize a website to move up in the search rankings by making necessary technical adjustments on the site, creating quality content that produces interactions with visitors, measuring user engagement by keeping track of users that are visiting the site, and what they are looking for. The information that is analyzed is used to improve website performance, content and usability.  Internet marketers work with web designers and developers to communicate marketing design needs. It is beneficial for an internet marketer to have traditional marketing skills because those skills can also be applied to the online environment. A basic understand of how the web works, HTML, and CSS are also useful to understand opportunities that may affect a website. Many of these skills can be learned by doing an internship if you already have a degree in Marketing or Business. Otherwise, an internet marketing certification can help get your foot in the door at an internet marketing agency. Major accredited Universities are now offering an internet marketing certification. Another option is to get Google Adwords certified, a valuable certification among Internet marketing professionals.

4. Public Relations and Advertising:  

A PR promotes a company, brand or a product to the world with the goal of drumming up as much publicity to generate a buzz. Responsibilities range from communicating key messages to defined target audiences to establishing an understanding between the public and the organization. This is done by generating endorsements through media relations. A public relations executive should have impeccable writing skills, creativity, professionalism, and have an outgoing personality.

5. Sales Management:  

A sales person targets customers to gain an interest in a product or service. Responsibilities of a sales manager range from being involved with outside companies and vendors, spending time resolving customer complaints, product demonstrations and monitoring competitor’s activities. A great sales manager needs to be passionate in order to be able to inspire customers and a team. Good management skills in order to be able to set clear goals and quotas for each member of the team are an absolute necessity.

As you can see, the nature of a marketing job will depend on the area in which you wish to pursue. If you are considering a career in marketing, take the time to research  the different areas of specialization and picture yourself performing some of the day to day tasks involved.  Also, identify the skills needed to be successful on the job and compare them with your current skill set. These are all important to make sure you have landed a marketing job that fits with your personality and background.

A marketing career can offer a great opportunity for professional and personal growth. However, before starting your marketing career search investigate a little deeper and assess what you want in a marketing job and what you have to offer to the potential employer.  Once you have identified the right marketing area in which to start your job search, consider a Marketing Employment Agency which offers a wide scope of marketing jobs and tools to make your job search easier and more productive. After you have applied for a job with your marketing staffing agency don’t be tempted to make a fast decision and hop on the first job offer – make sure you know the pros and cons of the offer, the starting salary, opportunities for advancement and if the company offers job training.

James Mckenzie is a leading global expert on Marketing Strategy and Branding. He is a contributor on small business subjects including but not limited to company branding, innovations, and business career growth.

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