7 Fall Business Ideas To Start Today

7 Fall Business Ideas to Start TodayBy Angie Nelson

There is a generous amount of information online regarding summer businesses on a local level, but what happens come fall? Surely people in your area still need assistance. And more than likely, you still need an income. How can you provide for yourself and your family while waiting for warmer months to return?

Here are a few fall business ideas to keep your bank account in the black during cooler weather.


If there are older homes in your area, their owners may benefit from weatherproofing services before the cold weather hits. Offer to caulk drafty windows and doors. Apply plastic sheeting or weather stripping to older windows. Reinstall storm windows that were removed in the warmer months.

Closet Clean Up:

As colder weather approaches, many people need to take inventory for seasonal clothing shopping. Offer closet organizing services to those in need. Help the client set up a well-organized wardrobe. Box up and take outdated or ill-fitting items to your local donation center. If you have a strong fashion sense, make suggestions for must-have pieces that should be purchased for the upcoming season and beyond. If things go well in the closet, offer your assistance in the garage or attic as well.

Lawn Care Services:

If you didn’t start a summer lawn care business, it is not too late. You can rake leaves, remove dead plants and protect cold-sensitive vegetation before frost hits. While you are wrapping up seasonal yard duties, think ahead. Now is a good time to get a continuation from your fall client. Offer snow removal services through the winter months, or help them get a head start on their Christmas lights.

School Supply Shopping:

While busy parents may not be able to hand over their children’s clothing shopping, school supplies are easy to shop for in their absence. Many school systems will supply a listed of needed items prior to school commencing. With their list and budget needs, you can shop for several clients at once.

Party Planning:

Fall is a time for several holidays in a short period of time. With school starting back up, the slumber parties and birthday festivities will resume. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas are all back-to-back. If you have an eye for detail, provide party planning services during the upcoming months. You can send the invitations, handle the shopping and book caterers and entertainment.

Baking and Cooking:

If you have culinary talents, you can prepare the tasty morsels needed for upcoming gatherings. Bake those holiday sweets we wait all year for. Cook the turkey and fixings so the host can enjoy more time with family and friends at Thanksgiving. Let your client be the envy of the Halloween party with all the cute treats they would love to tackle, but don’t have the time. Prepare the finger foods for the small get-togethers that are brought indoors during the cooler evenings.

Cabin Close Up:

If you live in an area with vacation homes or river cabins, those summer getaways will need a good cleaning before being closed up for the season. Offer seasonal services for second homes in the fall and spring. Do a top-to-bottom cleaning, make sure all the windows are closed up, do any needed lawn care and report back any leaks, broken items or needed repairs you notice.

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