7 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Work Day

7 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Work DayBy Kim George

Starting and managing a small business isn’t easy — there are so many things to do, but we have so little time. To get the most out of your work day, and ensure your business’ continuous growth, here are a few tips …

1. Have a Plan

A proverb says “He who is well prepared has won half the battle.” So before you start your work day, sit and jot down all the tasks you need and want to finish. List them by priority, and, if there are tasks that must be done at a specific time, write that down, too.

2. Start Your Day as Early as You Can

The early bird always catches the worm. If you wake up and start working early, you will be able to get a lot more things done. Remember that most people are at their peak of their productiveness within only the earlier few hours of the day. Take advantage of that fact: get up early and finish tasks faster.

3. Delegate Tasks

You don’t need and shouldn’t try to do everything by yourself. Not only will that consume a lot of your time, but there’s a chance that the quality of your work will deteriorate as more time passes by. Assign the smaller, repetitive tasks to your office or virtual assistant to save time and earn more.

4. Chop Your Work into Chunks

Not everything can be done in a day, especially if you’re looking for maximum quality and effectiveness. Instead of trying to finish big tasks like creating a one year marketing plan for your business, it’s best to break your tasks up into smaller chunks and complete them throughout the day or days. In my example, you can create a marketing plan for your business for three months in the morning, take a break, eat lunch, go back and finish one month in the afternoon, get some good sleep, and then finish an additional month of marketing activities the next day.

5. Stay Away from Distractions

Distractions are everywhere, and it can be tough to avoid them. That’s why whenever you are in “work mode”, you should steer clear from them before you get sucked in. Here are some ways to accomplish that:

  • Have a designated work space where you can shut the door and concentrate on your work
  • Turn off the TV
  • Stop surfing social media (unless you’re using social media for business reasons)
  • Refrain from looking at your mobile phone (unless you’re anticipating an important text or call)

 6. Allocate Blocks of Time Wherein You “Absolutely” Can’t Be Disrupted

The first step to truly working and getting the most out of your work day is to simply get started. However, to maintain your “flow of productivity,” so to say, it’s best to allocate specific times where you must not be disrupted. That means no phone calls, no checking email, no looking at other things to finish or the like–. Ideally, you should put a huge part of these blocks in the morning.

7. Create an Activity Calendar

Again, as a reminder– huge tasks and goals like follower acquisition, lead generation, and setting up a new business takes time. Instead of cramming and risking getting poor results, it’s best to take things slow. Create an activity calendar where you can highlight the following:

  • Deadlines for smaller tasks
  • Weekly or monthly check-ins (for online ads, social media campaigns, etc.)
  • Events you’re a part of (e.g., business meetings, online conferences, etc.)

Making the most of your work day is typically a matter of prioritization. I hope that these tips have been helpful to you and have given you some ideas that you can use to maximize your work day and increase the flow of productivity in your business. Cheers!

Kim George is the founder of Small Business Sense a blog dedicated to sharing business tips and resources for small business owners and entrepreneurs.  A small business owner and lover of “tech stuff”, Kim enjoys reading and catching up with the latest trends in small business and technology. You can find out more about her and get tips for your small biz at www.small-bizsense.com.

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