9 Ways Work at Home Women Can Have a Stress-Free Holiday

Stress-Free Holiday SeasonBy Holly Reisem Hanna

The holidays are upon us and while this time of year is supposed to bring people closer together, it often ends up being a month of extreme anxiety and stress. Not only do our to-do lists grow exponentially with holiday tasks, like sending out cards, wrapping gifts, and baking cookies, but our finances are stretched to the max as well. So how do work at home women peacefully survive the holidays, and still manage to do their jobs from home?

Check out what these work at home women had to say about creating a stress-free holiday season.

20 Work at Home Ideas for the Holidays:

Every year my sister makes these beautiful hand knit scarves, I generally pick out the yarn that I like (last year it was camel-colored cashmere) and she makes me a scarf for my Christmas present. I have also bought these amazing scarves for other family members and friends who always LOVE them! My sister-in-law on the other hand, makes gorgeous hand-beaded jewelry that she gives away to lucky family members and friends around the holiday season. My point is, when it comes to finding ways to make some extra cash this holiday season, everyone has some sort of talent or passion that they can call upon. Learn how you can earn holiday cash too.

Boundaries Throughout the Holidays:

This may come a bit late, but now that we are in the throes of the holiday season there is no better time than to set boundaries that will help you breeze through the holidays. The benefits? You will feel less stress, be more focused and organized, and actually have a good time. I find that the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas can bring so much turmoil to people’s lives, with buying presents, worry about finances, baking, shopping, parties, cleaning, etc. that it never seems we have enough time or energy. Faced with a perceived insurmountable list of tasks to complete and demands by others, it can leave one feeling empty and resentful of this festive time. Find out how to establish boundaries this holiday season.

Four Ways to Survive The Holidays with Your Healthy Lifestyle in Tact:

When the holidays arrive, we feel the pressure to be all things to all people even more than usual. We have to be good businesswomen and good stewards of the hard work we put into our businesses all year long. We feel like we have to make every moment count in order to make a beautiful holiday for our family and children. Somewhere in there we loose site of taking care of ourselves. In all the hustle and bustle there are a few easy things that we can do to ensure we are at least doing the minimum to help ensure that we have the energy and stamina to get through the holiday season without putting too much strain on our bodies and health. Learn more about surviving the holidays with the four pillars of good health.

A Thankful Life:

We are heading into the holidays and as we go on our busy days, we can often lose sight of people and things that we have and can take them for granted. This can cause us to focus on what we perceive we don’t have, leading us to feel we have missed out or to become envious of others who we feel have these missing tangibles. This can get us “stuck” in a negative mode.  Everything and everyone we encounter can make us focus only on the negative aspect of an experience. But, if we want to start attracting the things we want, be they people, wants or wishes, we need to think more positively so we can attract positive experiences into our lives. Discover more about abundance and the law of attraction.

Business in the Front, Party in the Back:

So you’ve decided to host a holiday gathering in your home this year. That sounds like fun! But if you’re wondering how you’ll keep your home business running in spite of the festive chaos that ensues when family and friends come to town, you’re not alone. These days, many people telecommute from their home office and require both living and working space, particularly during the holiday season. It is possible, with some planning, to harmoniously do both within the four walls of your house – even if yours is a modest abode. Find out how to manage your overnight holiday guests while working from home.

3 Reasons Not to Neglect Your Social Media Outlets During the Holidays:

When there are toys and stocking stuffers to purchase, family gatherings to prep for, and a house to decorate, it can be tough to keep your business at the top of your priority list during the holidays. This is especially true when your office and home are one in the same. Festive, blinking lights are an excellent distraction from a computer screen filled with work to do, emails to send, and social media platforms to keep updated. But even with the holiday hubbub, and the suspicion you may get that nobody is reading your blog right about now, you still need to keep your online presence as up to date as possible with engaging content for your readers. Here are three reasons why you shouldn’t neglect your social media outlets this holiday season.

How to Give Great Client Gifts:

With the winter holidays just right around the corner, it’s time to think about investing in gifts for your clients. Sending them a token of your appreciation can go a long way toward building the trusting relationship you need to keep customers coming back. Find out more about giving great client gifts.

Is This Your Busiest Time of Year?

Between family responsibilities of shopping, cooking, parties and the business responsibilities of increased sales and promotions, do you find the last quarter of the year your busiest? Granted, I don’t think there is a time of year that women entrepreneurs aren’t busy, but the last few months of the year often seem to be overloaded with stress. Learn how to prioritize during the holidays.

Seasonal Strategies for a Thriving Business with Fluctuating Demand:

The thing about being in a seasonal business is that you have to expect to be “in business” for only 2 to 3 months of the year. A seasonal business like mine (artificial Christmas trees) needs creativity, a good business plan, and a whole lot of strategy to thrive throughout the year. We have come to expect a time when products are selling like hotcakes, and a time when we just want to move units out of storage. Coming up with different techniques to fuel income during the slimmer season is the point to hit on when looking to flesh out your fiscal year. Find ways to boost your seasonal business all year long.

What tips and strategies do you have for managing the holidays with ease?

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