Become a Wardrobe Stylist for OGO NYC and Transform the Lives of Children in Need Across the World!

OGO NY CareerOGO NYC was started with a vision to empower women, and a mission to use fashion to transform the lives of others from the inside out.

Whether you’re a …

  • College graduate who wants to pay off her student loans
  • Woman who wants to learn more about the fashion industry
  • Daughter who wants to help out her family out financially
  • Or you simply want to get paid making a difference in the lives of children in need!

OGO NYC has been a vehicle through which many women are reaching those dreams and goals. Built on the principles of FUN, FASHION, and FREEDOM, OGO NYC is a stylish, lucrative, home-based fashion opportunity. Our designer women’s clothing collection is available through our network of Independent Wardrobe Consultants through private, in-home trunk shows. OGO NYC offers women a way to run their own fashion business, with the added bonus of transforming lives of children in need across the world.

OGO NYC’s collections are sought after by women of timeless elegance and style, who desire to shop with a purpose. Every exquisite OGO NYC item bought represents freedom from sexual exploitation for a girl somewhere across the world. The OGO NYC woman represents beauty from the inside out.

The OGO NYC fashion for Freedom Campaign is at the heart of everything we do. With a mission to use fashion to transform children’s lives, OGO NYC has partnered up with More Than Me, a 501c 3 registered non-profit organization. Proceeds from every item sold, goes toward taking young girls at risk of sexual or physical abuse off the streets, and into schools in high risk areas of the world.

OGO NY Freedeom Campaign

The OGO NYC collections are available via appointment only trunk shows, through our network of Wardrobe Consultants in the comfort of your own home. Client appointments can be made for a group of friends, or through one-on-one private consultation in the Wardrobe Consultant’s or client’s home.

OGO NYC’s Head Stylists Program is our ground floor opportunity. OGO NYC’s Head Wardrobe Stylists will be made up of a very elite, inner circle of top field leaders who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and solid business acumen. These leaders, who will be selected in key US markets, will perpetuate the Founder’s vision for wanting to build a company for women, who want a contemporary and progressive way to make money whilst transforming children’s lives.

OGO NY Business OppThis program offers those leaders the opportunity to not only earn lucrative bonuses, special recognition, and direct support from the company, but also opportunities of international travel to visit the children whose lives have been changed as a result of their hard work. OGO NYC is a powerful way to make money in the fashion industry, make new friends, reach your personal success, as well as change lives across the world.

The Platinum Kit is $1,499 (retail value $7,500) and contains the entire season limited edition collection. The Gold Kit is $799 (retail value $3,500) containing fifty percent of the entire collection. Both kits contain a professional carryall bag, all training collateral, catalogs, and much more.

Visit our website at or email us at for more information! Join our Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter @OGONEWYORK to stay in the know how. We can’t wait to have you as part of our team, so be inspired and join OGO NYC today!

This post was sponsored and written by OGO NY. Please be aware that we can only promote advertising from companies that we feel we can legitimately recommend to our readers.

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