Being Tired of Being Sick and Tired

Being Tired of Being Sick and TiredBy Dr. Barbara Seifert, CPC

How many times in your daily routine do you say the words, either internally or externally, “I am so sick and tired of  _______ (fill in the blank)?” It can be your job, your home life, the behaviors of your children, or maybe a habit, i.e. weight, smoking, procrastination. Somehow, though, just saying those words isn’t likely going to stop the things you are sick and tired of. That will only keep them as a hot button in your subconscious mind, which will lead you to continue doing or tolerating them. This will increase any feelings of frustration and negativity will pervade.

I recently read an article in our local newspaper about a woman who had lost 80 pounds. She discussed how she made the decision to lose the weight after hearing a sermon her pastor had delivered where he said, “When you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, you’re going to do something about your sick self.” Wow! Those words are true and really go to the heart – it’s like the V8 moment of being knocked in the head. They are a wake-up call that you, and only you, can face and deal with any issue in your life that is having an adverse impact. It is only within your power to banish the negative, welcome the positive, and take massive action to create new habits of change.

If you are sick and tired of aspects in your life, then here are five tips to help you end the suffering:

1. Identify the action and the reason behind it.

Identify what you are sick and tired of in your life – weight, lack of exercise, smoking, procrastination, a poor relationship, work-wise or personal, or lack of money. Dig deep into this area by identifying the motives behind it and the emotions that lead you to and result from this action. Being fully aware allows you to then do something to stop it.

2. Decide exactly and clearly what needs to be changed.

In this step, you must go really deep in your mind and define exactly the changes you want to see, in explicit detail, and the beginning and end date to make those changes.  For example, If you want to have more money then you must decide the exact dollar figure you need. Identify any behaviors that have led to not having money, i.e. your spending habits or job situation. Being clear on ending bad habits now can lead to ending them.

3. Focus on the benefits of the change.

Knowing you need a change is not enough. You must know how you will benefit from it as this allows the brain to focus on the positive aspects so you can embrace the new. In our money example, identifying that you would have less stress when it was time to pay your bills, leading you to sleep better and be more productive in your day, would feel more motivating so you will do the work to achieve that outcome.

4. Make the new goal and visualize the end-result.

When you know exactly what you don’t want, it is now time to write out what you do want, again in explicit detail. Create SMART goals so there can be no doubt as to what it is you want to achieve. Visualize that end and ‘see’ yourself, i.e. the benefits, once you have reached your outcome. This is a powerful way to get in action-mode.

5. Plan out in detail.

Write down the outcome, the date to achieve, and all the steps you need to take on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  Think of this as your personal business plan – the more detailed, the more buy-in for your plan. One technique is to write your end result and then work backwards, as if you were telling someone how you accomplished that goal. Be sure to keep the plan in a place where you can see it. Include checklists or a calendar to monitor your progress and to see your success.

Being sick and tired of anything is no fun. It can affect your thoughts, your mood, your actions. It can affect how you act and interact in your environments, all of which can give you a life of unhappiness. Getting out of your own way is necessary if you want to move forward and turn that life into one of fulfillment.  When you find yourself being sick and tired, use the steps above to do something about your ‘sick self’!

Dr. Barbara Seifert, CPC is the President of Committed to Your Success Coaching & Consulting in Orlando, Florida.  She works with small business owners & solopreneurs who want to achieve measurable and life-long improvements in their performance so they can make more money, have greater satisfaction and achieve personal and professional success.  She also coaches in organizations to enhance employee engagement and for leadership development. Dr. Seifert is an adjunct professor, a certified professional coach, a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner and a Certified Law of Attraction coach.  You can learn more by visiting and Your Career Success Blog at, which was named one of the Top 100 Life Coaching Blogs to Follow in 2013.

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