Bringing Yourself and Your Business Back into Focus

Bringing Yourself and Your Business Back into FocusBy Laurianna Murray

Wow! Coming off a whirlwind few weeks; getting married, going on my honeymoon, and now finally being home, it is time to get back on the bandwagon and get back on “the plan!” For me, being on “the plan” is not only being focused on healthy eating, but includes staying disciplined in my exercise routine, and even in the running and managing of my business.

All areas of my life need to be harmonious for me to feel my best.

Research shows that having a happy healthy life involves more than just what you eat. It involves how you eat it, with whom you eat it, and what you are doing in your life when you eat. Taking a larger view of your life when considering how you arrange YOUR healthy lifestyle, will help you stay closer to “the plan” than if you worry only about the food aspect.

So coming off this crazy few weeks, I felt a strong desire to get back to the basics and get my food, exercise and business focus back.

Pressure Cooker:

To this end, this past weekend my house smelled good almost every minute of the day. I pulled out the pressure cooker and hit the healthy food preparation. Brown rice, vegetable broth, and black beans are staples in our house when we are eating healthy. I know, I know, right now you are gasping thinking about your grandmother’s pressure cooker spitting, steaming, and shaking on the stove, scaring the bejezus out of you! This is not your mother’s pressure cooker. The pressure cookers of today are electric and come with all kinds of easy to use settings to make your food perfectly. They make preparing healthy meals, ahead of time, so easy. (It was one of the best things I ever asked My Guy to buy for me.)


With my healthy food all prepped and frozen in serving sized containers, it was time for me to focus on my exercise. I believe everyone should just MOVE! Just because I like to run, doesn’t mean that you have to run. Each of us should do the activity our hearts, minds, and bodies like to do. My knee has been an issue for me since I fell of my bicycle this summer and twisted it. I have not been able to run at all. Instead, I have added more biking into the plan. I also included yoga a few days a week. For my body and mental state right now, I thought yoga would be a good way to set the stage for peace and moving forward.

Business Focus:

Now, my last task is to get actively motivated and moving on my business focus again. Planning a wedding definitely takes your focus away from other things. I have been scouring my usual sources on the Internet to put networking and training meetings on my calendar. I have been going through all of my contact lists to see who I can call to make coffee appointments with. I have been looking through my old notebooks, to see what awesome ideas I have already written down and can now execute. I feel good that my calendar will start to fill up soon with important networking opportunities, and that I will be meeting people I can support and who can support me in my business soon.

I feel like I am ready, I have a plan, it is time to get back to the basics and kick the rest of this year into high gear!

What do you think? What are you doing to end the year strong?

Laurianna Murray is owner of Laurianna Murray Wellness and author of The Curvy Life blog.  After making a total life transformation and learning that being healthy can truly become a lifestyle, she is passionate about helping other women lose weight, have more energy and learn how to change their own lifestyle once and for all. She also has a desire to help people in the Bariatric surgery process be fully successful on their journey. She offers in person and telephone health coaching, cooking classes, meal planning and more.  You can follow Laurianna on Twitter @LAMwellness and @thecurvylife.

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