Building a Home Office

Building a Home OfficeBy Debra Johnson

It is important for any employee who works from home to have a place to call an office. There are places in your home that you can turn into an office; all you need is a little help. Building a home office space for yourself will keep you organized and on task and here are a few steps and tricks when doing so.

Find a Space That Isn’t Used That Often in Your Home:

It could be a spare bedroom, corner of a room, dining room or a closet/pantry. You want to find a space that has enough room and is quiet for work. The spare bedroom down the hall that has become your storage closet for things you ‘may need later’ is a good starting place. If you want to keep that room for a guest as well, consider a nice pull out sofa or a day bed that can act as a lounge sofa in your home office.

Do you have an empty corner in your kitchen or living room? Instead of dust bunnies collecting, visit stores like IKEA, Target or Home Depot and find/build a desk to fit the ‘L’ shape corner. You will have enough space to work and be out of the way of the hustle and bustle of these rooms.

The dining room is that room most families use twice a year for holiday dinners. Dining rooms are something your mothers and grandmothers needed but this day and age, consider moving your family dinners to the kitchen area.

Even the smallest spaces like a closet or a pantry can be used for home offices. Remove the doors and instant space! With proper lighting and some paint you will forget you are working in your old food pantry.

Make Your Home Office Clutter Free:

Use bookshelves, rolling file cabinets, wall mounts and drawers. Places like The Container Store and Target have great options. Now, get the necessities that best suit your needs: a phone, computer, fax machine, printer, desk and chair.  Personalize how you want as well. Add photos of the kids, plants, and funky pens and pencils. This is your space, so have fun with it.

Create Privacy:

There are hundreds of distractions at home – screaming kids, barking dogs, pesky neighbors, hungry husbands etc. Add doors to your office to create privacy. You can do this by installing them on your own or using thick solid curtains or even partitions. Create a sign for the family to know that you are busy and unavailable to help them and hang this sign during your office hours.

Make your office the perfect space to get your work done. Find a quiet space, fix it up, get organized and make it private. Working from home is something a lot of people wish they could do. Make the best of it and now get to work!

This guest post was contributed by Debra Johnson, blogger and editor of She welcomes your comments at her email Id: – jdebra84 @

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