Building Your Direct Sales Business with Pinterest

All direct sellers should be in Pinterest and networking daily in this hot social site!By Deb Bixler

All direct sellers should be on Pinterest and networking daily on this hot social site.

Pinterest is valuable to direct selling businesses, because it provides users with a platform for “pinning” images, photos, and videos of your products, services, and business opportunity.

Pinterest makes it easy to post and share your images simultaneously to other social media sites at the same time.

Effortless sharing of images, photos, and videos is the key to the site’s popularity.

4 Keys to Marketing Success on Pinterest.

Like all social sites when participating on Pinterest you need to add value to the community.

Here are some tips for marketing a direct sales business on Pinterest that will assure success:

  • Spend time getting to know the site and it can best serve your interests. Look at other people’s pins and boards to learn more about your client’s interests.
  • Post images and videos that allow users to get to know you and your product.
  • Keep things simple. Pinterest is simple to use and it helps to keep your boards clean and uncluttered.
  • Make sure your business is a good match. Pinterest is perfect for direct selling businesses, but not all products will be a good fit on the site. If you are selling crafts, kitchen aids, or similar items, Pinterest is probably a good fit. If you are selling sex toys, there are better ways to market your product.
  • Be creative! Pinterest is all about the visual! If you sell power tools … create a pin board on home decorating with the tools.
  • Use other social media sites to point users to your Pinterest account. Though Pinterest is rapidly growing, it still does not have the sheer numbers of Facebook or Twitter. Use these sites to point people to your boards and pins on Pinterest.

Using these suggestions will help you make a name for yourself and boost sales.

However, there is one more trick that people often ignore.

Direct Selling and Marketing on Pinterest.

When direct sellers begin marketing on Pinterest, it is common to only post pins from your products. Nothing can be a bigger turn off for your fans and followers!

However, it is also a good promotional tool to post interesting tips, news, and information in your industry.

How can you be creative with your products to create desire?

Check out a couple of my creative marketing pin boards on my Pinterest account:

There are more and they all add value to my fans as well as create interest in my marketing message.

It helps to post interesting tidbits about other products and companies as well.

Pinterest users may react negatively to a board that is too self-serving.

By posting product news and information related to the direct sales industry, your boards will become more informational instead of merely promotional. Pinterest users will appreciate the information and you will create a positive name for yourself on this exciting social media site.

Pinterest is the number one referrer of traffic to the Cash Flow Show website! It is perfect for direct sellers!

Deb Bixler is a party plan trainer who teaches proven systems that work in all home businesses. Visit the Create A Cash Flow Show website and follow her on Pinterest.

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