Business Advice from the Barre

Business Advice from the BarreBy Kathy Rembisz

Like many individuals, I took dance classes when I was younger. I studied ballet, tap, jazz, and modern dance for close to 20 years. I even taught dance classes, too. While I’ve been away from the ballet barre for quite some time, I recently found online ballet videos that provide a great workout option at home. As I began to emerge myself back into this world of plies and releves, it suddenly occurred to me that everything you really need to know about business stems from ballet class.

Ballet teaches:

The need for discipline.

As with any business, ballet requires discipline. Discipline is at the root of becoming a great dancer. Whether you’re learning the arm/leg combinations that make up the variety of positions utilized in ballet or perfecting a turnout, which is the rotation of the leg from the hips essential for this form of dance, having the discipline to practice is key. Some might argue that certain individuals have a natural inclination for dance, but I’ve watched many awkward young dancers become quite good at their craft through practice and dedication. The same holds true in business.

The importance of building a strong foundation.

A great dancer makes his/her movements on stage seem effortless. In dance, a strong foundation is based on the dancer’s solid core and leg strength.  A strong foundation enables a dancer to accomplish everything from a turn such as the pirouette to a jump like an assemble. In business, that solid foundation might mean hiring the appropriate employees, implementing great customer service policies, or producing an exceptional product. It’s up to you to decide what determines the foundation of your business, but you need to have one.

Staying limber matters.  

In dance, keeping your muscles strong and flexible is an essential element of staying conditioned as a performer. Not only does staying fit help you deal with the daily stressors and unexpected occurrences in business, but keeping your mind limber can assist with being a step ahead of your your completion, too.

The value of remaining graceful.

Even a seasoned dancer might not successfully complete that arabesque, but she remains graceful while trying. The same holds true for the professional business owner. Despite demanding clients or unexpected disruptions during a busy day, remaining graceful in any situation is as important in business as it is on stage.

Patience, practice, and persistence, all key elements to success at the barre, can also carry you far in your business. If you look to the basics of ballet, or any other type of dance or sport, you really will find the key ingredients for success in business.

Kathy Rembisz is an award-winning writer with hundreds of articles, both online and in print, to her name. She also has experience as the editor of a glossy regional publication. She is the author of the children’s picture book, Hair, Hair Everywhere! and frequently speaks to students at schools, libraries and community centers about reading and writing. As a regular blogger, special areas of interest to Kathy include: health and wellness topics, pets and small business development. You can find her at Before her career in journalism, Kathy started a practice management company, offering medical billing, public relations and staff development services to healthcare practices. In addition, she has a strong background in healthcare sales and marketing. Finally, as an individual with celiac disease and a whole host of food allergies, Kathy is a gluten- and allergen-free baker and former restaurant co-owner.

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