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CAbi ScoopBy Holly Reisem Hanna

Tomorrow I’ll be heading to Dallas, Texas to attend the CAbi Spring 2014 Scoop. If you’re not familiar with CAbi (Carol Anderson by invitation), it is a direct sales company that offers women a home-based business opportunity in the fashion industry. Because I’ve had the pleasure of attending the Scoop before — I know what a treat I’m in for.

Each year CAbi launches two new collections (spring and fall) at an event and training session they call the Scoop. If you’ve ever seen a runway show it’s like that, but bigger and better. With music, lights, an amazing clothing line, and thousands of excited CAbi Consultants – you feel like you’re at a rock concert.

But before I go on gushing about the clothes and the business opportunity, let me give you some background information.

Who is Carol Anderson?

For 25 years Carol Anderson designed clothing for Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, and other small speciality boutiques. But all of that changed in 2001 when she decided to take her clothing line on the road, and sell exclusively through CAbi consultants via in home parties. Not only did this move give her more creative freedom, but it allowed her to give women the opportunity to be entrepreneurs in a career that affords them a good income and a flexible lifestyle.

What is the CAbi Career Opportunity?

CAbi offers a women a home-based business that is simple, yet it has a real earning potential. Here’s how it works: Twice a year the CAbi Design Team creates a new clothing collection that is launched at the Scoop fashion show and training event. Once the Consultants have had a chance to view and work with the new collection, they get to share it with women through in home shopping parties. To date, CAbi has approximately 3,300 Consultants in all 50 states.

What Can CAbi Consultants Earn?

When it comes to choosing a business niche, clothing is a great industry to be in. In fact the Bureau of Economic Analysis, estimates that the average American spends $1,700 on clothing each year. So not only are women spending a good amount of money on clothing, but CAbi offers 20% – 33% commission on personal sales, and another 2% – 8% commission on team sales. With prices ranging from $34 for a simple cami to $158 for a sweater coat, it’s easy to see how this could add up to big earnings fast.

Does CAbi Give Back to the Community?

In a simple word, yes! The Heart of CAbi Foundation is mission to encourage and empower women in need all over the world. From distributing clothing to U.S. communities affected by natural disasters and providing micro-loans for women working their way out of poverty, to funding aftercare centers for girls rescued from sex trafficking. In fact, CAbi has given out $34,000,000 in clothing and financial contributions since its inception.

What is CAbi’s Point of Difference?

While I love that CAbi offers women a simple and lucrative business opportunity, and that they give back to the community, the real differentiator is their clothing. Carol creates clothing for real women, making them look and feel beautiful in their everyday lives. Whether young or old, CAbi complements every style by offering designer quality and detailing at an affordable price point.

Want to know more? Check out their home-based business opportunity or follow my tweets on Twitter, hashtag #CAbiScoop.

CAbi Scoop

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