Customer Loyalty Programs and Artificial Advancement

Customer Loyalty Programs & Artificial Advancement By Deb Bixler

What is artificial advancement and should you be doing it??

Have you ever heard about artificial advancement?

My guess is no.

Let me introduce you to it and how it will help your business.

Create Customer Loyalty With Artificial Advancement:

Artificial advancement by establishing customer loyalty.

Artificial advancement is a way of creating customer loyalty by enticing your customers to buy from you using tweaks in the way you market things… it is all psychological but the buyer thinks they are getting something extra and will be more likely to buy.

Customer Loyalty Cards Are A Good Example:

If you offer a loyalty card… let’s say you sell candles… offer them a loyalty card where it takes 8 purchases or “punches” to complete the card and get a free candle.

Here is where the artificial advancement comes in.

In one scenario you give out cards to 150 people that require 8 punches or purchases to get a free candle.

This scenario will have 28 out of the 150 people earning a free candle.

In scenario two… you have a card that requires 10 punches to get the free candle. However… here is the catch…  you give them 2 free punches for the purchase they made right then so they are 20% closer to getting a free candle. This scenario will have 51 out of the 150 people earning a free candle.

Do you see how both sets of customers are only needing 8 punches or purchases, but the group that thinks they are getting ahead of the game will more likely finish out the punches to get the free candle?

It is all psychological and people are more likely to finish a task when they think they are closer to getting the free item. You are not doing anything differently except marketing your loyalty card differently. You have to tie the two free punches to something… like a sale or new customer appreciation for them to feel like they are getting a deal!

Try it out with your business and let me know how it goes.

This could be a great way for you to stand out in your business and get more sales!!

Learn more about applying customer loyalty cards to your party business!

Deb Bixler retired from the corporate world in 2000 to enjoy life as an entrepreneur.  In the first 9 months as a home party direct seller she built a home business  and sales team which provided her with an income capable of replacing her corporate business salary of $80,000 per year. Deb manages the largest FREE home party plan resource center on the web.

Deb is the host of the Cash Flow Show – Direct Sales Radio and has been recognized as one of the most influential people in direct sales worldwide. She is the 2011 Direct Selling Women’s Alliance Speaker Of The Year.

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