Defining Home Business Success

Home Business SuccessBy Deb Bixler

The definition of success varies depending on who you talk to and their personal interpretation of the word. The same holds true for home business success. But for most home business owners, success can be defined in terms of a few common goals.

Many home business owners have chosen to work from home so that they can have more time with their families, flexibility with their work hours, or a greater sense of personal satisfaction from their work. Although financial success is usually a goal, it is not always the defining goal for home business success.

For example, a mother working from home can arrange her hours so that she works while her baby is napping. During her child’s waking hours, they can enjoy walks in the park or a play-date with her baby and other mothers. This adds to her sense of satisfaction and fulfilling her need for contact with other adult women. Earning money from her home business is helpful, but in this case, being able to have an enjoyable social life and have contact with other women also helps this woman reap enjoyment from her life.

Success for this woman is earned through the flexibility of her work schedule.

A father of a boy who is nine years old works from home and schedules his work hours from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 pm and 10:00 p.m. till midnight during the week. Setting these hours means he will have time to go to all of his son’s baseball games after school and on weekends. Flexibility with his work hours adds to this father’s enjoyment of his life, and helps in his bonding experience with his son.

To him, as long as he is earning money, his business is a success because he is also able to have the time to be a vital part of his son’s life.

Another example is a woman who enjoys children, and is also passionate about her work in a technological field. She chooses to work from home so she can volunteer in a local school. She is able to plan her schedule so that she works a few hours each morning, takes a break from her work to read to children during school hours, then returns to her home office to finish her work.

This gives her the satisfaction of fulfilling her needs in her chosen field while also being able to take a psychological break to pursue other endeavors. Both add joy to her life.

As you can see from the previous examples, home business success can be achieved not only in monetary rewards, but by adding elements to one’s life that will bring personal satisfaction as well.

Deb Bixler is a globally recognized direct sales expert who specializes in home party plan training. Teaching systems and best business practices for home business owners she provides real actions that work for all sales companies.

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