Direct vs Indirect Sales Strategy

Direct VS Indirect Sales Strategy By Deb Bixler

Many business owners prefer to have more control over their product, so they utilize direct sales strategies to make sure they understand their customers’ wants and needs. However, indirect sales, or the selling of products through an affiliate or a reseller, can hold its own benefits as well to boost any business. Learn how these two methods of selling can benefit your company so you know which path you want to take.

Indirect Sales for Those Lacking Direct Sales Strategies:

If you’re a startup, small business, or a company with limited funding, then indirect sales may be a great option for you. Why? Because rather than having to hire staff to sell your product, put expenses in sales presentations, or having to manage a storefront, you can rely upon resellers or affiliates to get your product out there. Indirect selling is a great option for business owners striving to make money and get into the market in a more cost-effective way.

This would include online marketers and MLM companies where you can generate sales totally online without any face to face contact.

Direct Sales Strategies for the Go-Getters


On the other end of the spectrum are the individuals who want to physically see their customers, so they can create brand awareness and find their niche in the market.

Direct sales similar to the party plan business model may be time-consuming or costly if you have to have a storefront, do direct mailing, or run a website of your own, and definitely intimidating to some.

The the benefits of direct sales is that you have control over how your product is presented to your customers. For business owners where brand awareness and a company mission are the highest goals, then direct sales is typically the wisest decision to go with. 

It doesn’t really matter which avenue a business owner chooses for selling so long as they have a basic awareness of their market.

After all, direct sales mean nothing if you are pushing your products on the wrong demographic, and indirect sales go nowhere if you don’t choose an area/product market that works well with your goals.

Whichever method you choose, make sure you do your research so you truly understand the best demographic for your market, and either sales strategy will work just fine to help your business thrive.

Deb Bixler teaches direct sellers working from home how to reach their goals. Visit her site to learn how to start a home party business and print a checklist with details and questions to ask to determine which company will be the best one for your personality.

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