Do You Know Your Own Value and Worth?

Do You Know Your Own Value and Worth?Dr. Barbara Seifert, CPC

One thing that really irks me is when I talk to someone about their career path and they devalue them self; they seem to dismiss their value and worth which takes them right out of the market. They are done before they ever get started. It’s amazing how one can lose sight of themselves and all the greatness they possess. Regarding one’s career – this is the most vital time that the highest level of awareness (and ego) needs to exist.

These days, it’s much harder to stand out when looking for a job. With a hiring rate of 3.3% (Dept. of Labor) and only 5% of hiring managers believing job seekers have the skills they need to do the job (Gallop), it is imperative that one can relate the skills they possess into a value for an organization that will make you stand out and get recognized by those managers so they say “I can’t live without you!” This will make them pick up the phone to get you in front of them so you can tell them more about how you will help them to achieve and align the goals of their organization.

Discovering your worth, even if you ‘think’ you are aware, can be accomplished in three easy steps – doing the work now will pay off greatly in the end:

Your Attributes:

List out all traits and attributes you believe you possess, which includes: skills, talents, abilities, strengths, personality traits, values, passions, and belief. If you are not sure, go ask 3-5 people what they see in you and that encompass the attributes listed; it’s amazing how much you will ‘see’ your value increase through the lens of others.


Write down your accomplishments, no matter how big or small you think they are. This would include projects you’ve worked on or led; people or money you’ve managed; you want to look at how you used all your attributes to make a difference in your company or with others, such as coworkers or customers. Relating these outcomes into quantifiable results speaks volumes not only to your employer (or a potential one) but also to yourself.


Write them down – it’s not enough to just know you value – you have to keep it in front of you and affirm the daily; it’s easy to ‘forget’ or to minimize something if it feels easy or is routine, which is why it’s easy to not see your value and worth. Make a poster or some kind of board where you list out in big bold words all that makes up you; keep a daily tally or log where you note your accomplishments and which of your skills you used. Others can see it but you need to know them.

Using these suggestions can help you to feel empowered and truly understanding of your value – which will help you to be a better employee or leader; you will take more responsibility for the work you do and have higher job satisfaction. You also will have more control over what happens to you and your career. Now isn’t that of value?

Dr. Barbara Seifert, CPC is the President of Committed to Your Success Coaching & Consulting in Orlando, Florida. She helps individuals to take charge of their careers, find the work they love and enhance their professional development to reach their peak performance. She works with small business owners & solopreneurs who want to achieve measurable and life-long improvements in their performance so they can make more money, have greater satisfaction and achieve personal and professional success. She also coaches in organizations to enhance employee engagement and for leadership development. Dr. Seifert is an adjunct professor, a certified professional coach, a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner and a Certified Law of Attraction coach. She is a coauthor of the book, Contagious Optimism and a Premier Career and Business Coach for the Association of Talent Development.  You can learn more by visiting and Your Career Success Blog at, which was named one of the Top 100 Life Coaching Blogs to Follow in 2013.

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