Feeling the Blah’s? Three Suggestions to Help You Reenergize

Feeling the Blah’s? Three Suggestions to Help You Reenergize By Cathi Nelson

Do you ever find yourself stuck in the “blah’s,? For me, I usually feel this way in late fall when the darkness comes early, the leaves have fallen, and the sky is often steel gray. This is the time I question all my decisions and wonder why I am doing what I am doing. The grass can look a lot greener on the “other side of the fence”. Over the years, I have come to realize this is often a stage and there are ways I can recapture my energy and passion for what I do.

Here are 3 suggestions if you find yourself struggling with the tedious tasks of working from home.


I recently offered to photograph and create a memory book for a young teen receiving a wish from our local Make A Wish Foundation. It was a wonderful few hours and reminded me of why I started my business in the first place. You can do the same, make a list of your talents and find a place to give back. What was helpful for me is I only gave a few hours. I have often viewed volunteering as time intensive but I realized that even a few hours can make a difference.

Schedule a Personal Care Day:

In the busyness of our lives, especially as moms and wives our care is often last on the list. It doesn’t have to cost much, even scheduling a daily walk can help you slow down and attend to your own needs. I recently discovered the free app, MyFitnessPal and now keep track of my steps and diet. Though I haven’t lost any weight yet, I feel a sense of accomplishment every day.

Reconnect with what Inspired You:

Owning your own business often involves a lot tedious details such as managing your inbox, dealing with disgruntled customers and bookkeeping.  Make a list of what drains your energy and what gives you energy, and then try to find the time to recapture what gives you energy. I have always loved photography, but I have been so busy creating an association focused on helping others manage their photos I had stopped managing my own. Recently, I set aside the time to work on my own photos and it has  made a difference in how I was feeling.

These are just a few suggestions on ways to beat the Blah’s. What about you? Please share any tips that have worked for you.

Cathi Nelson had her “light bulb” moment when she recognized that consumers were becoming increasingly overwhelmed with the exploding number of photos, media and memorabilia they were accumulating. She started her own photo organizing business called PhotoSimplified and was amazed at the response from clients and others who wanted to learn how to add photo-organizing services to their business. In response she founded, The Association of Personal Photo Organizers to support the new and emerging profession of photo- life management by providing training, support, products and collaboration for people interested in adding photo management services to their existing business or as a new business. Since its inception, APPO has grown to hundreds of  members throughout the United States, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom.

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