Forget Schedules and Time Management

Forget Schedules and Time ManagementBy Allie Irish

Being the Best “Me” Helped to Get More Done…

I struggled for years to get my schedule right as I developed my business from home. But frankly speaking working from home at times can be chaotic. I work from home mostly to be home if my children need me, but as my business grew so did the need to be there for it also. I was torn with how many hours do I spend with everything I love?

Then about a year ago I started a running routine. I run about 3 – 6 days a week and if I don’t run you can find me walking the dog or other physical activities to get my heart rate up. I found that I had more energy, it was amazing!

I don’t know how it happened, but I felt I had more time and those workouts helped clear my mind of everything going on at home. When I got home I was able to easily get work and personal tasks done, without a schedule or any time management system.

Let me back up a bit, schedules and time management systems are vital to any business, especially a business run from your home. If not in place your personal and working life can mesh too much and become a mess. There needs to be set boundaries with time for when you work and time for your personal life with family, friends and home.

I knew time management was important, but like I said, I tried for years to get the perfect schedule together for my home-based career and didn’t achieve it until I worked on myself. I decided to be the best “me” I could in my personal and business life.

Let’s set aside those pesky time management tricks and tips to work on you.

3 Ways to Be the Best “You” and Get More Done

How do you become the best “you” you can be? By making yourself priority; take care of you first and foremost and most everything else will fall into place.

Here are 3 ways to achieve being the best you.

1. Free Your Mind

The first and most important way to prioritize “you” is to take mental breaks where you simply work on opening your mind and think of nothing stressful. I know this is very hard. It can be accomplished through meditation, reading a good book, exercise or just a watching a movie. The idea is to get your mind to rest for a while in order to refresh it and get it ready for the next round of tasks.

We generally believe that it is just our bodies that need rest and it will tell us when it needs it. But honestly, our minds need attention more than our bodies. If your mind is tired, so will your body.

2. Give Yourself Energy

Energy for your body is nourishing food; food that comes from what nature gave us. Start with eating more fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and less processed foods. What helped me was a saying “If it needs an ingredients list then stay away from it.” The bottom line is to truly believe your body is nourished by food so simply try to eat what nature gave us. Use those ingredients to make your own dishes.

Nourishing your body will certainly give you more energy to work and play.

Giving your body the foods it needs is just one aspect of energizing it. You will need to move. Find some activities you enjoy and start doing them to the point that your heart rate accelerates for 30 minutes or more. I chose running because it gets me outside and I can get a good cardio workout in 30 minutes. And it is not expensive compared to other activities like a gym membership or sports that require gear.

Believe it or not, working out will give you more energy. You are teaching your body to be more efficient when you exercise routinely.

3. Take “Me” Breaks

I need to confess I didn’t take “me” breaks. Sure I clear my mind while running. But I didn’t take time for “me”.

Generally speaking, “me” time is a hobby or something you really enjoy doing. So I will confess, I love running, but it also meshes with the idea that it is necessary for my health. So I try to do things that I figure are frivolous or that I earned for doing a job well done. For me, I may treat myself to lunch or a movie, or maybe just watch some television to get my mind off of anything serious. If you really want to spoil yourself get a massage or take a weekend trip.

“Me” breaks are simply a way to replenish yourself so you can do a better job when needed.

You at Your Best

When you are at your best life becomes more enjoyable and work tends to not be so stressful. You know you have a clear mind to work out problems and tasks, and you will certainly have the energy to perform throughout the day.

Allie owns and writes Ramblings of a WAHM blog where she strives to help the whole work at home mom find perfect integration between her work and her life. She knows that when mom prospers everything she cares about prospers also: her family, her life and her business.

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