Four Ways to Survive The Holidays with Your Healthy Lifestyle in Tact

Four Ways to Survive The Holidays with Your Healthy Lifestyle in Tact By Laurianna Murray

When the holidays arrive, we feel the pressure to be all things to all people even more than usual. We have to be good businesswomen and good stewards of the hard work we put into our businesses all year long. We feel like we have to make every moment count in order to make a beautiful holiday for our family and children.

Somewhere in there we loose site of taking care of ourselves.

In all the hustle and bustle there are a few easy things that we can do to ensure we are at least doing the minimum to help ensure that we have the energy and stamina to get through the holiday season without putting too much strain on our bodies and health.  I call these the Four Pillars of Good Health and you might have heard me discuss them or some of them before (they are THAT important!)

Get enough sleep.

Keeping a regular bedtime and waking up at approximately the same time every morning not only help you to keep a routine established, but it also helps the rhythms of your body perform more naturally. Did you know that certain functions of your body happen at approximately the same time every night? If you are in bed and sleeping when that function “should” happen your body is more able to take care and repair itself while you sleep.

Drink more water.

The more stress your body is under the more it needs the nourishment of water. Keeping hydrated is an easy way to ensure your body is able to perform more of it’s natural functions and keep you healthy through the holidays.

Eat more vegetables, especially leafy green ones.

I cannot say enough about the benefits of vegetables such as Kale and Spinach for our health and energy levels. It is one of the vegetables that most Americans get the least of.  I like to just toss a heaping handful of spinach in all kinds of meals, from eggs to soup to help ensure I get enough of it’s yummy goodness.

Take the time to move your body. 

Even moderate exercise a few times a week is better than none. Have you ever taken a nice slow walk and realized you had time to think and your mind was actually clearer than when you started? That is one of the great benefits of moving your body. If you exercise moderately you will feel even better. Your skin will glow and your body will feel more relaxed afterwards. I promise.

I often feel like I struggle the most in taking care of my healthy lifestyle and me during the holidays. It seems to take a back seat to managing my year-end business needs, managing my family and their holiday needs, Not to mention that the temptations of snacks and yummy holiday food more often than not overwhelm my good intentions.  I find that by keeping these Four Pillars in mind, I don’t feel like I have too many rules to follow and if I do these things I am setting myself up for holiday success rather than failure.

What tips and tricks do you use to help get you through the holiday season and maintain your healthy lifestyle?

Laurianna Murray is owner of Laurianna Murray Wellness and author of The Curvy Life blog.  After making a total life transformation and learning that being healthy can truly become a lifestyle, she is passionate about helping other women lose weight, have more energy and learn how to change their own lifestyle once and for all. She also has a desire to help people in the Bariatric surgery process be fully successful on their journey. She offers in person and telephone health coaching, cooking classes, meal planning and more. You can follow Laurianna on Twitter @LAMwellness and @thecurvylife.

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