Growing Your Direct Sales Business with a Declining Facebook Reach

Growing Your Direct Sales Business with a Declining Facebook ReachBy Angie Nelson

Last week Facebook let us know that what we have been suspecting is actually true – the organic reach of Pages is on the downslide and that trend will continue for the foreseeable future. Their recommendation: buy more ads. That marketing plan is not feasible for most home business owners and direct sellers. It simply isn’t in the budget. While I do not want you to abandon social media, it is time to update your marketing plan.

Facebook Groups

Groups are different from Pages in that they provide an even more intimate setting. Members are notified of updates by email. As many Groups are Closed, people can discuss things on a more personal level without it showing up in their Friends’ feeds. Groups can provide that personal touch that makes conversions happen.

  • Join Groups for Direct Sellers – There are tons of Groups available to direct sellers on Facebook. You may be able to promote your home business while receiving some helpful advice from your peers. Do a simple search for groups containing the word “direct sales” and start researching your options. Read the description and rules prior to joining. Decide if you would prefer Open or Closed Groups. (I prefer Closed as this will prevent my group conversations from flooding my personal profile.)
  • Create Your Own Group – You may be asking, “Why do I need a Group when I already have a Profile or Page?” As we have already established, Pages may have a limited reach. And with your personal profile, just because someone has decided to Friend you does not give you the right to market to them. There is a little something in business we call “permission marketing” and it returns far better results than a “spray and pray” approach. Those truly interested in your message can join your Group to receive notifications, peer support and advice.


Most direct sales companies offer some type of lead capture system that will allow customers to receive newsletters by email. Promote yours on a regular basis. If your company does not have a system in place, consider creating one with AWeber or a similar system if your company allows. And again, just because you have someone’s email does not give you permission to add them to your newsletter subscribers. They must give you permission. It’s the law.

Killer Customer Service Sells

Sadly some sellers get so involved in the “chase” that they neglect their existing customers. A happy customer is far more valuable than a prospect. Treat your customers like gold. Go the extra mile. Follow up and offer help. Happy customers tell their friends in person and online. And they do so authentically. Your Facebook Page reach may be declining, but consider the reach of your entire customer base. What if they each shared your message with five friends? If they are receiving white glove service, they may. And don’t be afraid to ask for testimonials that you can share within your Groups or newsletters, on your website or blog, etc.

Angie Nelson has been involved in direct sales for over a decade. Today she balances several successful online ventures and shares her passion for home party plans on her blog The Best Direct Sales Companies. Ask her how to get your business opportunity in front of a highly qualified audience.

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