Healthy 2013 Resolutions for the Busy Entrepreneur

Healthy 2013 Resolutions for the Busy EntrepreneurBy Milissa Harding

It’s a New Year, and with that comes lots of excitement as we enthusiastically set new goals and aspirations. Entrepreneurs are especially ready at this time of year to create new plans to grow their businesses, serve more clients and increase their revenue. As an entrepreneur myself, I see the value of developing a roadmap for success; after all, without a map, it can be quite the challenge to see the big picture and move forward towards our goals.

Many entrepreneurs, however, plunge right into their business goals without also creating a plan for the foundation of their business success, which is their health and wellness. Without a plan to nourish our minds, bodies and spirits in healthy ways, our well-thought out business plans can quickly come to a grinding halt.

In my business, I support busy entrepreneurs to create this healthy and necessary foundation for their well-being, so that they can have the energy and vitality they need to grow their businesses and achieve the success they desire. In this article, I want to show you some ways that you can do the same, as well.

Here are three questions that you can ask yourself to help you determine how important your health goals are for your business:

  • How would you like to feel each day as an entrepreneur?
  • What difference would it make if you could feel this way on a regular basis?
  • What would happen if you were not able to experience this feeling each day?

When we acknowledge where we are now in terms of how we feel (energy levels, etc.) and where we would like to be, we can begin creating sensible plans to move us from Point A to Point B.

Here are some practical ways that you can prioritize your health and wellness this year as a busy entrepreneur:

1. Chunk your daily tasks into manageable parts, and take small breaks in between.

2. Stay hydrated. Keep a tall glass of water next to your work space to remind you to drink it throughout the day. Don’t forget to refill your glass with more water when you’re finished!

3. Look for opportunities to move your body during the day (ex-going for a quick walk, stretching, even dancing!)

4. Keep some healthy snacks close by to munch on when you become hungry.  Some great choices include:  nuts, fruit or a veggie platter

5. Take deep breaths when you find yourself tensing up or feeling anxious about what you’re doing.

Milissa Harding is a Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach.  She supports working moms and busy entrepreneurs to maintain amazing energy levels from the inside out, so that they can bring their best selves into their work.  Visit to get your FREE copy of “6 Steps to Become a Healthy Happy Entrepreneur”.

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