How a Blog Can Help Launch Your Freelance Career or Home-Based Business

Blog Freelance BusinessBy Martine de Luna

A lot of clients tell me “I don’t have a business yet, so I can’t blog.”

What a lot of people don’t know is this: A blog is essential for the business that you have yet to begin. Why? Because a blog provides you with an instant, free platform to get your brand message across and create a following for your brand — even before you have actual products to sell.

Here are three key ways that a blog can actually launch your freelance career or business (or both!)

1. You can build up your brand on your blog (which can eventually be the storefront for your business).

I’ve said it several times: My blog has been a storefront for my services as a content writer, a copywriter and blog coach. But it’s become more than that. My blog(s) (yes, plural) are what compelled me to create a lifestyle that I love, one that gives me more time with my family and for the things I love doing. My work as a blog coach, a blog workshop trainer, a writing mentor, and a small business consultant: All of it would not have been possible if I didn’t put my heart and soul into blogging. I didn’t just blog: I built my brand from it, using the blog as a soapbox for the message I wanted to send out to the world.

What’s your message to the world? What are the convictions in your heart? What are your beliefs about life, business, or work? You can start writing along your natural trains of thought, creating content that engages and inspires others. Once you gain readers (and eventually, a following), you would have built up a ready audience who might be interested in the products and services that you’ll eventually offer.

2. You can build up a tribe and following on your blog (which could eventually become your preferred customer base).

Blogs are a great way to chronicle our learning experiences as budding entrepreneurs and freelancers. That’s why there are hundreds of thousands of blogs out there in the same niche (i.e. mommy bloggers) or revolving around a particular industry (e.g. work from home blogs, like TWAHW). Just search your niche for say “work at home mom blogs” and you’ll surely find thousands of work-at-home niche blogs with articles about similar topics.

What does this mean? It means that you can potentially connect with those other bloggers and create a community within your niche. Making contact and establishing relationships through our blogs is key to building up a tribe, that is, a dedicated following for your blog. I know, because I’ve done it!

The key in building up a blog that builds a tribe is to tell your story in an authentic way. The more personal you are, the more your audience will put their trust in you. Why? Because people love great stories. Let’s say you’re an entrepreneur: Post articles that document your lessons as a business owner. Have helpful blog series’ that will add value to your content and help your audience find answers to their own questions. The point is to nurture your tribe and followers so that you establish yourself as a dependable resource, even an expert, in your niche.

3. You automatically have a marketing powerhouse.

The great thing about having a blog that will eventually launch your business is this: Your blog and your tribe can eventually spread the word about you. That means you automatically have authentic brand believers marketing your products and services, just by a social share on Facebook, Twitter, or other social network, or even through word-of-mouth recommendations. Again, this has happened for me, and has been key to the growth of my business. Once you give value to your blog readers and nurture them through a community, they will eventually be your number one fans — and ultimately, your best endorsers.

Have you ever considered making a blog so that you can launch your brand or business? Why or why not?

Martine de Luna is an award-winning blogger, a work at home advocate, and a creative blogging mentor. Through her creative inspiration website,, Martine encourages women to live meaningfully, whether at home, work or in the pursuit of life lists. Her Make it Blissful Blog Workshops are held monthly (with an online workshop to be launched soon), and she provides blog coaching & website design services at She is also the director of the WAHMderful Workshops (, a series of workshops and masterminds that equip mothers and married women to work or run a business from home. She lives in Manila, the Philippines, with her husband Ton and their son, Vito, whom she homeschools.

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