How Can Email Marketing Help Support Other Offline Marketing Efforts?

How Can Email Marketing Help Support Other Offline Marketing Efforts? By Deb Bixler

An effective marketing plan coordinates the use of several different direct sales business tools to achieve the plan’s primary goal. Some of the more popular resources available are magazine advertising, Internet social networking, personal networking via trade shows or other events, SEO marketing with website content, and mobile computing marketing.

A marketing approach that is usually figured into just about every advertising campaign is email. But if email is not used properly, then it is not going to be as effective as you would want it to be. There are several ways which email marketing can help support the offline efforts you use to attract customers and increase revenue.

An Effective Reminder

With the proliferation of mobile computing devices, people are checking their email messages no matter where they are. Offline marketing activities such as retail sales, trade show appearances and product demonstrations can be enhanced through email reminders to your client base. You can confirm a customer’s attendance for an event or remind your client base about a sale you are currently having at one of your locations through real-time email reminders.

Updating Information

No matter how hard you work on your offline marketing activities and events, things can go wrong or things can change. It is impractical from a logistics and financial standpoint to try and update customers on changes in offline marketing events through magazine ads or other offline direct sales business tools. A much more effective and inexpensive way to get updated information from your clients is to send out emails.

Customer Feedback

Prior to the Internet, the response card was the most effective way for a company to get customer feedback on a marketing campaign. These days, email is the best way to find out what your customers are thinking. If you start a series of radio ads and want to know what your clients think of the ads, then send out an email to your customer base either inviting direct response, or asking people to click on a link and fill out an online survey.

Maintaining Customer Contact

The modes of communication we use are changing, thanks to the growing popularity of mobile computing devices. It can seem like giving your clients a phone number to call is a great and simple way to open up a line of communication, but it is not the way that customers prefer to contact your company. When you put an email address on your offline marketing materials, you are opening up a line of communication with your clients that they will use and appreciate.

Communication methods are changing, but email is still the most popular way for people to stay in touch with each other. If your company wants to develop a strong relationship with its clients, then you need to use email marketing methods to enhance your offline efforts.

Deb Bixler teaches direct sellers working from home how to reach their goals. Visit her site to learn more about the different methods of direct selling and how to create a successful work at home business.

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