How Can I Work from Home, When I Don’t Have a College Degree?

How Can I Work from Home, When I Don’t Have a College Degree?By Holly Reisem Hanna

Dear Work at Home Woman,

I have been following your site and I like it very much. However, it’s seems that most, if not all, of the women who decide to work from home have college degrees and leave an already established career to pursue a career at home – these women have much to pull from in order to succeed.

For years now I have desired to run my own life and dearly want to work from home – but I do not have the fore mentioned degree/career to pull from, as I was a stay-at-home wife and home schooling mom for 22 years. About 4 years ago, I suffered a divorce and now am struggling to survive as I foolishly thought my marriage would last for forever.

How can a woman like me do what you promote on your site? Please keep in mind that due to all that I have recently suffered, my personal self-esteem and self-confidence has taken quite a hit – but I am still hopeful that there is something out there that is perfect for me.

My questions and my concerns are legitimate, so please, be realistic in your answer.

Thank you for your time and consideration as it is greatly appreciated, Sherri G.

Dear Sherri,

That is a great question! No matter who you are and what your background education may or may not be, everyone has some sort of talent or skill that can be translated into a work at home career.

But first, you need to do some brainstorming…

  • What are you talents and passions?
  • Are you looking for a company to hire you for a remote position?
  • Do you want to start your own business?
  • How much money do you need to make?
  • How many hours a week can you work?

By answering these types of questions, you can start to narrow down the types of opportunities that would make sense for you.

Here is a small roadmap to get you started.

What to Do?

Finding a career path that you’re passionate about is hard, and it’s even more difficult when you’ve been working as stay-at-home mom for the last umpteen years. But with a little elbow grease and thought there are ways to get unstuck and find your dream calling.

First you’ll want to take inventory of all of your skills, talents and passions. Once you have this list, start correlating jobs to the various areas. If you find yourself struggling, place your keywords in sites like Google and Indeed and see what comes up.

Perhaps your skills as a homeschooling mom translate well to online tutoring, or coaching other parents who want to homeschool their children, or maybe this is a topic that you’d like to blog about. In fact when I placed the keyword homeschooling into Indeed, there were positions for a homeschooling tutor, a curriculum support specialist and a personal learning coach – none of which required a college degree.

Secondly, you’ll want to connect with others in your desired field of work. Find out the ins and outs of the position, and see if it is something that you’re really interested in pursuing. Having inside connections can also lead to referrals and potential job opening.

Third, make sure that you’re educating yourself through reading. Get your hands on different work at home guides, finding your niche books, and read lots of blogs and articles. By educating yourself you’ll be better equipped for the road ahead.

Recommend Resources:

Do I Want to Be a Home-Based Employee?

If you’re looking for a company to hire you as an employee, you’ll need to seek out companies that hire telecommuters. But instead of searching the major job board sites individually, try using aggregated search sites like Indeed and SimplyHired. Aggregated job boards pull listings from all of the major job boards, based on your keywords and location, saving you time.

While aggregated jobs boards are great at pulling listings from major job boards and newspapers, often they miss the smaller niche focused sites that contain valuable listings. Try looking at…

Do You Want to Be Your Own Boss?

Have you heard of Coco Chanel, Rachael Ray, Richard Branson, Simon Cowell and Walt Disney? Yup, you guessed it, none of them obtained a college degree. In fact, Walt Disney and Simon Cowell both dropped out of high school.

It just goes to show you, if you have the determination and drive, you do whatever you put your mind to. And with all of our technological advances, launching your own home-based business is easier and more affordable than ever. Plus, it’s a great way for you to combine your passions, with a career that’s going to allow you better work-life balance and financial freedom.

Recommended Resources:

While working from home may seem like a far fetched dream, especially when you don’t have a college degree or prior work experience, you can make it reality by putting in some hard work, dedication and persistence.

Good luck on your work at home journey!

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