How Do I Find Mom-Friendly Jobs in Social Media Marketing?

How Do I Find Mom-Friendly Jobs in Social Media Marketing?By Holly Reisem Hanna

Dear Work at Home Woman,

I came across your site when searching for mommy-friendly jobs and just love your content. I am new mommy to 2 month old and I’m having a hard time prepping to go back to my 9-5 job with an hour and a half commute each way.

I work as an Interactive Marketing Manager with a main focus on social media, but the position does not allow me to work from home. I was wondering if you might have any tips or resources you could share regarding good positions or companies that meet this criteria.

I have set a goal to try and find something before my maternity leave ends.

I could use all the luck (and advice) I can get!

Thank you so much for your time, Rebecca

Dear Rebecca,

There are basically five work at home paths for you to explore.

Telecommuting Proposal:

Ask and you shall receive… Perhaps you can take your current job home by writing and submitting a telecommuting proposal. Start by checking your companies telecommuting policy, do your research, and write up a flex time or work-at-home proposal. Make sure your proposal includes all of the benefits to the company – including the cost to recruit and hire a new employee to replace you if you decide to leave. Work Options is a great site that offers advice, templates, and resources to get you started with your telecommuting proposal.

Use an Aggregated Job Board:

Instead of searching the major job board sites individually, try using aggregated search sites like Indeed, SimplyHired or CareerJet. Aggregated job boards pull listings from all of the major job boards, based on your keywords and location, saving you oddles of time.

Search Niche Focused Sites:

While aggregated jobs boards are great at pulling listings from major job boards and newspapers, often they miss the smaller niche focused sites that contain valuable listings. Try looking at…

Integrate Social Media into Your Job Search:

While you should always integrate networking into your job search, you should also utilize the major social media sites as power tools in your job search. For example, on LinkedIn you can not only search for jobs, but you can also target companies that you’d like to work for. Create a catchy profile heading, along with updating your summary, and it’s likely you’ll receive job offers from head-hunters.

On Twitter you can search for jobs by using common hashtags like #job, #career, #recruiting, #hiring or #work. Also check out Twit Job Search – which is a job search engine for Twitter. Even sites like Pinterest can be used, check out some of these pinned resumes for more ideas.

Launch Your Own Business:

Of course if you’re unable to find the job of your dreams, you can always create your own. In fact, you can easily set up a social media consulting business for less than $500. And since you already work in the social media relam, chances are pretty likely that you already have a blog and social media accounts, that can easily be converted for your business.

Finding at work at home job may seem like an impossible task, but once you start exploring all of your options, you’ll find more and more opportunities that make sense for your life.

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