How Do You Earn Extra Money in a Pinch?

How do you earn extra money in a pinch?By Al Krulick

As wages stagnate and the cost of living rises inexorably, dollars just don’t go as far as they used to these days. I can’t think of a friend or relative who couldn’t use more money. I bet you can’t either.

I’m not talking about mega-size lottery winnings. That’s great for fueling fantasies, but it doesn’t do much to pay a utility bill, cover school supplies, or get a needed car repair. No, I’m just talking about a few extra shekels from time to time, just to make life go a little more smoothly – maybe a hundred or so here and there when you need some extra cash in a pinch.

How do you go about getting it? Let’s explore a couple of different ways to earn extra money:

Selling Something You Own

The most common way to earn extra cash is to have a yard sale. Collectibles, antiques, clothing, home décor, jewelry, tools, used furniture, anything and everything that’s been lying around for years and that you no longer use, can be a treasure-in-waiting for someone else. The last time we moved, we had a yard sale that made more than $300 for stuff that I was going to toss out anyway. These days, of course, you can have a virtual yard sale by selling your unwanted or potentially profitable items over the web. Ebay is a global online marketplace with a user base of more than 200 million buyers and sellers. Craigslist is used by more than 60 million people each month in the U.S.

Sell Something Someone Else Owns

You probably won’t get rich, but lots of people earn extra cash by selling stuff to their friends and neighbors that someone else owns. Think Avon products or maybe Tupperware. There are many other kinds of goods that you can sell on commission – wine, jewelry, pet supplies, clothes and accessories, food and cookware, novelties, etc. Go online and find a company and product that you like and think you can sell to others. After paying a start-up cost, commissions can be as high as 50 percent.

Sell Your Labor

The work at home possibilities here include dog walking, freelance writing, becoming a tutor, and lawn care, among others. Many people who now have successful businesses began by picking up spare cash selling their services. Blogging can be a profitable business if you find a unique topic and advertisers that are willing to post ads on your website. You never know how well things can turn out for you unless you first decide to put in the effort in a small, but committed way.

Sell Your Ideas, Your Opinions or Even Yourself

You can make extra money by being part of a focus group. Companies pay well to get consumer feedback on new products. You can also earn extra money (and sometimes free products) by taking online surveys. Speaking of online, some companies will pay you to do web searches and complete other online activities. Research universities frequently need “volunteers” for various studies and can pay anywhere from $10 to $50 an hour. Finally, you can sell your blood for some spare cash knowing that you’re also potentially helping others. You can even sell your hair for cash – why not? It’s a renewable resource.

Al Krulick is an award-winning journalist with dozens of years of writing experience. He writes and blogs for America’s Debt Help Organization. Follow our conversation on Facebook.

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