How Many Roles are Too Many When Running a Business from Home?

How Many Roles are Too Many When Running a Business from Home? By Kelly Robbins

Every single thing you have to think about takes away from your ability to create the business you desire.

Think about that.

It takes you away from being a thought leader in your industry and from having the time and space to create.

If you are spending too much time focusing on a toxic relationship in your life, busy planning and attending every event for your entire extended family, over-volunteering, or if you simply have too much going on, letting go of some things might be exactly what you have to do to create the business you want.

Studies show you have room for five roles in your life.

If you are struggling to get things done or feel there’s just not enough time in the day, it might be a good idea to take a look at the roles you currently have.

Here’s a list of some of the roles you may have:

  • Business owner
  • Service provider (writer, sales person, coach)
  • Parent
  • Spouse/partner, girlfriend/boyfriend
  • Daughter/sister, son/brother
  • Employee
  • Student
  • Writer/author
  • Baseball coach, musician, strong meditation practice
  • Outdoor enthusiast, skier, beer connoisseur, mountain climber, etc.
  • Volunteer, active with church, involvement in community

Running a business takes up two of those roles – business owner and service provider.

I know as a single mother of three active teens, business owner, girlfriend and skier, managing and balancing my different roles is a constant challenge. Particularly during my daughters competitive volleyball season, end of the year concerts and graduations at school, and holidays I’m often teetering on overload.

In order to create space to grow a new business or start different income streams in an existing business, you might take some time now to honestly look at what roles you currently have in your life – and what you need to let go of to make room for new.

Here is a common scenario …

One of my clients, Jackie, is married, has five kids, owns a home-based marketing business, is active in her community, volunteers for her church, is on the board for the swim team, volunteers at her kid’s school and has one child with a learning disability. Jackie hired me because she knows she is not making the money she is capable of making in her business – but didn’t know what to do differently.

Jackie has been incredibly tough on herself because she’s struggling to make more money in her marketing writing business.

First things first, Jackie and I set some goals for her next year and then, Jackie had to take an honest look about what she was willing to let go of. She needed to create space for the new direction she was choosing in her life.

Jackie loved everything she was doing – it wasn’t about letting go of roles she dreaded. It was about her making conscious choices to focus on specific goals in her life and evaluating activities that do and don’t support her growth in that area. Jackie let go of several roles and now has increased her profits 300 percent in a few short months…and has managed to squeak in a few more runs that weren’t happening in the process too.

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