How These Woman Make $45K Annually Writing Resumes From Home

How These Woman Make $45K Annually Writing Resumes From HomeBy Holly Reisem Hanna

You’re probably familiar with these common freelance writing jobs: journalists, bloggers, travel writers, magazine writers, and authors … but have you ever considered resume writing as a viable way to make money from home?

Probably not.

For some reason, resume writing as a career isn’t talked about much. So I decided to chat with some successful resume writers to find out the pros and cons of this field.

Today we’ll be talking with Dr. Heather Rothbauer-Wanish and Day Merrill to see what they have to say about working from home as resume writers.

Name: Dr. Heather Rothbauer-Wanish

Website: Feather Communications

Tell us a little bit about your entrepreneurial journey.

In 2008, I began my business, Feather Communications. At the time, I was working full-time and had just completed my MBA. I have always enjoyed writing and started thinking about how this love for writing could be turned into a business.

At first, I wrote articles for local and regional publications and solely viewed my endeavors as a ‘side business.’ As I began branching out into other writing areas, I realized that not only did businesses need excellent content, individuals did as well.

Interview with Successful Resume Writer, Heather Rothbauer-WanishSince high school, I have always been the go-to person for friends and family that wanted a resume review. I began researching resume writing and realized this could be another aspect of my business. I joined the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches and the National Resume Writers’ Association. Then, I obtained certification as a Certified Professional Resume Writer.

During 2013, I began focusing on my business full-time and have targeted my resume writing services to local, national, and international clients. I’m excited to work with clients to deliver engaging, dynamic, and forward-thinking resumes and cover letters for today’s workplace. Most importantly, I enjoy working with clients to draw out their specific competencies and align those with their desired job opportunities.

What did you do before launching your resume writing business?

Prior to launching my resume writing business, I worked as a General Manager at a commercial photography studio. While working there, I completed my MBA and then began teaching business courses at a local university. As my teaching career progressed, I decided to further my education and recently completed my PhD in Organization and Management with an Emphasis in Leadership.

While I have thoroughly enjoyed all of my work experiences, owning my business has been the best part of my professional life thus far. I feel that my strong educational background, entrepreneurial spirit, and business knowledge makes me an asset to my resume clients.
Where do you find new resume clients?

Because I have been in business for almost seven years, much of my business comes through referrals. When clients are pleased with their resumes, they tell friends and acquaintances about your services. To encourage referrals and maintain steady contact with former clients, I send personalized thank you notes to clients when we are finished with their projects and consistently send a monthly e-newsletter.

New resume clients also find me through my website. It pays to have a well-designed and professional web presence. In addition, some clients find me through one of the professional resume associations. By being a member of these groups, your name is listed within the directories and some potential clients review these sites to hire a resume writer.

How are you currently growing your resume business?

Currently, I am a member of several networking groups and attend events on a regular basis. These networking groups, along with being a member of the local chamber of commerce, helps to build my business name locally and regionally. In addition, I have offered resume writing workshops through these groups. When you give away some of your resume writing knowledge, attendees begin to view you as an expert in your field.

I’ve been working with my website design company to ensure my site is maximized for SEO. My website includes a blog which is regularly updated and draws visitors to my site. In addition, my Facebook business page features daily posts that provide professional advice, video tips, and other pertinent job-searching information.

For 2015, I am planning to work with a marketing consultant to ensure my financial resources, time, and energy are being used most effectively when targeting my ideal clients.

How much does your business earn annually

I live in Colfax, Wisconsin, an extremely rural area, and conduct the majority of my business online and via telephone. My current annual income is approximately $45,000 and I (like most business owners), have plans to take the overall profitability of my business to the ‘next level.’

What advice do you have for other women who want to start their own resume writing business?

If you are thinking of starting a resume writing business, just realize that it will take some time to build your client base. Prior to starting your business, research resume writing organizations and join one of them in order to build your expertise and network with other professional writers. Also, research other resume writers to discover the services they are offering, time frames involved, and the investment process. Overall, make sure that you love to write resumes before you start your business. You will work with all types of clients and need to ensure you deliver superior customer service so that you build a good referral base.

Interview with successful resume writer, Day MerrillName: Day Merrill

Website: 2BDetermined Inc.

Tell us a little bit about your entrepreneurial journey.

I have moved back and forth between employment and self-employment since transitioning from secondary school teaching and university administration to the career management field in 1981. When I lived in New York City, I started a career coaching firm with a partner, and continued to work as an associate with some career transition firms after my partner retired and my daughter was born. When I moved to Canada, I continued to work for a career transition firm that eventually promoted me to the newly created role as VP of Specialty Services. When the company was sold, I was one of three partners in an HR consultancy, a partnership that ended when I was offered a full-time job that was too good to turn down. I founded 2BDetermined Inc. in 2009 after a subsequent full-time job came to an end. My husband is my business partner and we have two associates. We provide Career Exploration, Resume/Job Search and Entrepreneurial/Executive coaching to individual clients and a range of human capital management services to organizations.

What did you do before launching your resume writing business?

My first career was as an English teacher (a background ideal for anyone writing résumés or other business materials!) I moved from teaching into university administration, where I became interested in how the MBA students I was working with selected their career paths. I became a career counselor in 1981, and over time added job search support, executive coaching and organizational consulting competencies– all focused on people’s relationship to work.

Where do you find new resume clients?

I have established an excellent relationship with a local university that outsources career serves for students and alumni/ae. Most of my private clients results from referrals, as happy satisfied clients are the best unpaid sales people you can get! I also speak at relevant events, blog/write articles and network extensively.

How are you currently growing your resume business?

I have recently moved from a major metropolitan area to a town of 20,000. I have become very active in community groups, particularly those that support women and always look for opportunities to donate career consultations to charity events, which often leads to new business.

How much does your business earn annually

I have clients all over the world, and my annual income last year was over $100K.

What advice do you have for other women who want to start their own resume writing business?

1. Keep up to date on current trends including regional/industry differences. For instance, clients in academia or a medical field will need a formal Curriculum Vitae. Those living in small towns will want to mention community involvement.

2. Collaborate with your clients; insist that they create accomplishment stories and work with you on creating a solid Profile statement so the résumé is truly “theirs;” a good résumé will reflect their unique voice.

3. Practice patience. My clients and I usually go back and forth 6-12 times to hone the résumé to perfection. It is a time consuming and labour intensive process, but the result is a document that represents them accurately and compellingly.

4. Polish your own writing skills. Update you own résumé regularly and become a stickler for correct spelling, punctuation and grammar as well as style.

5. Understand and communicate to your clients that even the best résumé in the world will not get them a job. If all they do is answer ads and send out unsolicited résumés to companies, they are tapping only ~20% of the hiring market. Employers like to hire people they know or who have been referred to them by people they trust, so while a top-notch résumé is necessary, it’s not sufficient. A targeted job search based on research and networking is the way to put a good résumé to effective use.

A great résumé will give your clients a heightened sense of confidence in what they bring to the job market. I know the process has been successful when a client’s response to their own résumé is, “Wow–I’m really good!”

Wow, thanks ladies for sharing your stories with us, and congratulations on all of your success!

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