How These Women Created Their Own Work at Home Jobs

How These Women Created Their Own Work at Home JobsBy Holly Reisem Hanna

Do you need a dose of inspiration? Check out these amazing women’s entrepreneurial success stories on how they got started working from home and pursuing their dreams of self-employment; it will give you the motivation and strength that you need to get started!

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Sarah Edwards – Author and PhD Ecopsychologist

Sarah Edwards and her husband, Paul co-author “Working from Home”, “Secrets of Self Employment”, and “Finding Your Perfect Work” along with 14 other lifestyle and career change books. Sarah started working from home in 1974 as a Psychotherapist after leaving her full time position as Social Services Specialist for the Head Start Program.

Sarah learned about working from home in the early 70′s, when she met with an outside consultant for the Head Start Program; during this meeting she discovered that her colleague’s office was based in the home, and immediately she thought to herself, “This is for me”! During this time it was nearly unheard of to work from home, but encountered with rarely seeing her husband and her young son during daylight hours, Sarah implemented a plan to become a work at home mom and wife.

After completing her master’s degree, Sarah quit her full time job as a Social Services Specialist and opened a Private Psychotherapy Practice in her home. Seeing how much Sarah enjoyed working from home, her husband Paul decided to follow in her foot steps. Paul quit his full time job as President and CEO of an Environmental Research Firm and started a Consultancy Firm that was based from their home.

During this time Sarah and Paul were questioned by numerous people on how, they too could work from home, so they decided to write a book about it. Before writing “Working at Home”, Sarah and her husband had no experience with writing or publishing a book. But with a strong perseverance and the help of a good editor they were able to successfully publish their book, which is now in it’s 5th edition, with over half a million copies in print.

Sarah has a Bachelor’s Degree in English, a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work, and a PhD in Ecopsychology. She currently lives in California in the mountains of LosPadresNational Forest with her husband Paul. Sarah continues her private practice as a sustainable career and eco-nomic well being  counselor; she is also the Director of The Middle Class Advocacy Institute and provides continuing education to helping professionals working with others seeking independent careers that will sustain them in our changing economy.

Melanie Vowles Jerdon – Owner of Sugar Dipped Designs

For artist Melanie Vowles Jerdon, many years of success in the graphic design and marketing field preceded her decision to “work from home”. With the birth of her son Tyler in 2007, came a heartfelt commitment to be there for her child, experiencing daily quality time with him and working at a job she loves. With her former company continuing to contract for her talents on a variety of projects, along with referrals and personal marketing efforts, Melanie now has in her home, the perfect balance between work and family.

Melanie’s company Sugar Dipped Designs is aptly titled, as her creative products have a whimsical, lighthearted feel. She serves corporate America clientele with logo design, promotional layouts and web-work, however she also welcomes projects that allow her illustration and painting talents to come into play. Melanie’s work includes, but is not limited to: illustration, painting, promotional & business collateral, marketing materials, menu design and layouts, corporate identity and branding, logo design, web-design, photography and holiday fun!

Having spent most of her life in California (graduating from the University of California, Santa Barbara, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications and Studio Arts), shortly before her son’s birth, the family relocated to Austin, Texas. Melanie has a wonderful husband, a thriving toddler, three amazing step-daughters and a life she feels is blessed and one she is grateful to be living.

Jennifer Dugan – Dugan’s Travel

Jennifer Dugan is owner of Dugan’s Travels LLC based in Los Alamos, New Mexico. She is a Certified Travel Associate and author of several e-books. At age 22, Jennifer started Dugan’s Travels in 1997 after her first child was born. Instead of going back full time to her position as a corporate travel agent, she started her own home-based travel agency. Two years later, she began to help others work from home as home-based travel agents with Dugan’s Travels. Dugan’s Travels currently has over 700 home-based travel agents working from their homes across the United States and Canada. Dugan’s Travels is a member of ARC, IATAN, CLIA, OSSN, NACTA, and Jennifer is a member of the Travel Institute as well as a member of Royal Caribbean Cruise Line’s Travel Agent advisory board.

If you would like to be featured, as one of our work-at-home, entrepreneurial success stories, please submit your application here for consideration.

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