How Three Women Are Earning Over 100K in the Direct Sales Industry

How Three Women Are Earning Over 100K in the Direct Sales IndustryBy Holly Reisem Hanna

Today I’m going to share with you three women who are rocking it in the direct sales world. Unlike other interviews, we’re going to dive deep into how these women are really achieving success within their industry. We’ll discuss marketing strategies, tips for booking more parties, and the question that’s on everyone’s mind — how much are these women really earning from their businesses?!

Let me introduce you to our Direct Sales Consultants: Tracey Schwart with Stella & Dot, Ginny Fiscella with Silpada, and Kare Wright with Visalus Sciences. We’ll start off by gathering a little bit of background information and then we’ll get into the real nitty gritty of how these women are earning big bucks within the direct sales industry.

Tracey Schwartz’s Story:

I got started with Stella & Dot in February of 2008. I went to a trunk show and really liked the jewelry. I was looking for a hobby that would make money, but not cost a lot of money, and it seemed to be the perfect opportunity. Of course, I had no idea what it would turn into!

How much did you earn in 2012? $223,000.

Ginny Fiscella’s Story:

In 1999 I left my full-time job in hospice management to move from Arizona to Kansas, so that my husband could take a new job. Bored one afternoon, I browsed through a Silpada catalog that belonged to my sister-in-law. Halfway through, I had a $350 wish list. So I decided to become a rep to earn some free bling and hopefully make some new friends. I took $1,000 from savings to purchase a jewelry display, conservatively calculating that I’d need 12 parties to replenish the account. My first party yielded $1,500 in sales, $450 in commission, free jewelry, and six more bookings. Within a year and a half, I was earning $3,000 to $4,000 a month, doing two to three parties a week. I started recruiting anywhere and everywhere: at the supermarket, on vacation, even in restaurants. Once a fellow diner complimented me on some bracelets, I gave them to her, along with an info kit. The woman became a rep a few weeks later. By 2005, I was making six figures annually from three parties a week and commissions on my team’s sales.

How much did you earn in 2012? Over $200,000.

Kare Wright’s Story:

I started with Visalus Sciences in June of 2011, after a friend introduced me to it. I am a mom of four and have always dabbled in direct sales to provide extra income for our family — Pampered Chef, Arbonne, and Silpada. I got into Health and Wellness in 2000, because I personally needed it. I was 50lbs overweight and had chronic fatigue syndrome. Five months into sharing the challenge, my husband walked away from his full time job. This is what we do now — we help people get healthy.

How much did you earn in 2012? $186,000.

How Are You Growing Your Business?

Tracey: I make a point to talk about the Stella & Dot opportunity at every trunk show. I can usually spot one or two people at each event that would make great stylists. I mention it to them and I follow-up after the show. In addition, I am religious in following up with every customer at every show to make sure their orders were correct, they loved their jewelry, and to see if they are interested in hosting their own show to earn free and half-price jewelry. And finally, I never pass up an opportunity to talk about my business. When someone says, “Wow, I love your necklace,” I answer with, “Thanks! It’s Stella & Dot. Are you familiar with the company?” I feel that it is an obligation to offer other women (and a few good men) the same opportunity that has been life-changing for me.

Ginny: Booking parties and offering the Silpada opportunity!

Kare: Simple message asking,”Have you heard of the 90 Day Challenge”? I started out with just my warm market, social media, and networking in my community.

What is Your Number One Tip for Booking More Shows?

Tracey: Talk to people! Making relationships is key to success in this business.

Ginny: ASK EVERYONE and if they say NO that means — they don’t have enough information.

Kare: Care about people, give personal testimonials and success stories. We offer a “three for free” to all our Challengers. Everyone loves FREE and we all know others who need to get healthy, or who need to lose weight, so it is appeals every one to share with others.
What Types of Marketing Strategies Work Best For You?

Tracey: Obviously, word of mouth is the best advertising, so I work diligently to keep my customers and hostesses coming back for more. Personal service is what makes Stella & Dot different from department stores and other jewelry companies. In addition, I use Facebook and Twitter often to highlight new collections and special offers.

Ginny: Email and Facebook.

Kare: Being present consistently in social media and networking in my community. Vendor events like health fairs, expos, and job fairs. Also the way our company markets is a Challenge vs a product. The message we have makes it so much more comfortable to share with others.

How Were You Able to Take Your Direct Sales Business to the Next Level of Success?

Tracey: I worked. A lot of people think that businesses like Stella & Dot and other direct sales businesses are easy ways to earn a quick buck, but I looked at it as a full-time business whose success depended solely on me. When growing a business, it is necessary to put in the hours necessary to turn a profit. And if you work hard enough, long enough and smart enough, there will be a reward.

Ginny: Having enthusiasm and passion for helping others.

Kare: Being willing to invest time in to others and continuing personal growth. Being partnered with a company with a great message and mission.

Wow, thanks ladies for sharing your stories with us, and congratulations on all of your success! Do you want to learn more about the Direct Sales Industry? Find out about some of the best products to sell from home.

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