How to Develop an Email Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing StrategyBy Angie Nelson

Email marketing can be a big step for bloggers and home business owners. Many are unsure why they need such a system in place when other methods of following a business are so readily available. Others may be apprehensive about learning a new technology. Still others may be nervous about what they would communicate via email.

Having an email marketing system in place is essential for a home business. We can’t count on social media platforms to deliver our messages consistently or effectively. Email marketing will ensure your most interested customers or readers are receiving your communication every time.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is simply sending an email to a list of people who have granted you permission to communicate with them. This is a highly effective avenue to build loyalty and trust. It can also greatly increase your bottom line through sales of your products and services.

Developing an Email Marketing Strategy:

What are your goals?

Your goals for email marketing will be unique to your business. Your communications may be promoting affiliate sales or the sales of your products or services. You may be simply looking to drive traffic to your blog posts or website where you will do the selling. Identifying your goals will not only help you choose the proper newsletter service but will also ensure your follow-up messages provide the return you seek.

How will you grow your list?

We follow brands and businesses through social media channels rather readily these days. A lot of thought isn’t put into pushing that button. We only give our emails to a select few however. We often give it to those promising a little something extra that we can’t get elsewhere. In many cases, this involves an exchange. Your visitor gives you their email address and permission to contact them, you give them a free download, a special offer or discount or the promise of exclusive content they will not receive if they don’t subscribe. These are all great methods for getting more people on your list.

How will you keep your email list engaged?

After you have them on your list, you want them to stay and you want them opening your emails. Email marketing does your business no good otherwise. To keep them opening and engaging with your emails, know what your list wants and deliver it. Use effective subject lines. Always include a call-to-action within your message. Track opens and click-throughs and use this information to craft future messages.

Developing an email marketing strategy takes time and may require some testing. Try sending your emails at different times of the day or week. Send different types of content and offers. Don’t give up! The worst thing you can do is let your list go. Communicate regularly and always deliver value.

Angie Nelson has been an online business owner since 2007. Today she balances several successful online ventures and shares her passion for home business with others on her blog The Work at Home Wife. Visit her site for advice on what to look for in an email newsletter service.

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