How to Dress for an Interview – Styling Tips for Women

How to Dress for Success – Interview Styling Tips for WomenBy Michaela Quinn

There are many things to think about when preparing for a business meeting or interview. One of the most important things to remember is the outfit you will wear. The way you look is important in creating the right first impression. A smart and professional image will say that you are a smart and professional woman.

Choose the right outfit and not only will you look great but you will feel more confident and able to succeed. Here are a few tips on how to dress for important interviews and meetings.

The Outfit:

Whether you’re preparing for a job interview or a meeting with a potential client, you want to choose an outfit that will make a positive impression on the person you are meeting with. What you wear to an interview can really make a difference. The right outfit can help you to get that job.

A suit is always a good option for formal interviews and meetings. It will instantly make you look business-like and professional. A black suit is a fail-safe option, but grey and navy are great alternatives.

Another option is to wear tailored trousers with a smart blouse or shirt. This is a good choice if your meeting requires a less formal look than a suit, but you still want to look like you have made an effort. Choose a crisp, white shirt for a look that is classic and chic.

For a more stylish and feminine look, a dress will give a great impression. A knee length, black or grey dress can be fashionable but still formal enough for a business meeting.

Whatever outfit you choose, make sure that your clothes are clean and well presented. Be sure that the outfit fits well and feels comfortable to wear so that you’re not preoccupied by your clothes during the meeting.

The Accessories:

While you want to keep your interview outfit simple, an accessory can make you more memorable – great for when you want to stand out from the competition!

A subtle but interesting necklace or silk scarf can make your outfit more interesting and show that you have character.

The Shoes:

The shoes you wear can say a lot about you but it is often hard to choose the right pair for a meeting or interview.

Wearing heels will make you look confident and will improve your posture, but it is best to keep your heels to a sensible height. If you don’t feel comfortable walking in heels, choose flat shoes.

A stylish design will get attention but keep it subtle – you want to look like a professional business woman.

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