How To Get More Party Bookings

How to get more party bookingsBy Theo Anidu

There is really no trick to running a successful direct sales business. You will need to be innovative, determined, and most of all hard working, in order to keep your business afloat.

The most common question many consultants ask is, “How do I get more party bookings?”

I’d like to share eight easy ways get more party bookings.

1. Existing network

First, you can tap your own existing network, also called your “warm market”.  Usually, satisfied hostesses will generally recommend you to their friends and family members without any prompting from you if you fulfilled, or even better, exceeded their expectations with your services.

2. Host your own hostess and customer appreciation party

Be your own hostess. Host a party to appreciate your hostesses and customers. The great thing about your existing network is that they can also provide new leads when you host your parties. The guests they invite will primarily be your target audience and may eventually become your hostesses. As the hostess, you have the opportunity to show how simple and fun it is to host a party. Be on the lookout for guests that show great interest in your products, or guests that love many items in your catalog. These types of guests make great hostesses.

Find a way to engage such people in a conversation and say something like, “Sue, I noticed you have a long wish list, how about hosting a party, and getting some of the items on your list for free?”

3. Ask for referrals

Always ask your clients for referrals, even if they are not interested in hosting themselves. This is because they just might know someone who loves to party. It helps that you can give tokens or gifts or offer some sort of bargain in exchange for their referrals too. The same goes for those that attended the party; with a little token with your business card attached to it, somewhere down the road when they need your services they’ll have something to remember you by.

4. Join a networking group

You can get more party bookings by moving out of your social network.

This may take a little more work, because you’ll be reaching out to people who don’t know you and who aren’t aware of the type of business you’re promoting. If you’re new to networking groups, a good place to start would be small women groups, church groups, parents groups, etc.  As a member of the group, your primary focus should be meeting and connecting with other members first. When you have built a relationship with members, they will get to know what you do and may be willing to host parties for you.

5. Fundraisers

Fundraisers are a great way to increase party bookings. You can ask members of the organization to book parties and then, you donate a percentage of the total sales back to the organization.

6. Vendor booth

Your primary aim at a vendor booth should be to get bookings. If someone approaches your booth and requests a catalog, while giving it to them, mention the benefits of hosting a party. If they are interested in joining your team, encourage them to host a party to see how easy the business is.

You can also get more bookings by:

7. Leaving your business cards in fish bowls

Leave your business cards in fish bowls, usually in food establishments that offer weekly draws. It gives you a chance to communicate with the people in the store, which gives you an opportunity to pitch your business at the same time. You may even win some freebies for yourself too.

8. Creating business posters

Lastly, create business posters with a little incentive for booking a party with you, and leave them at community billboards. People who look at community billboards are usually looking for something in particular and if they chance upon your flyer or poster, then you will immediately have a guaranteed hostess or customer.

Theo is a WAHM in Canada and an independent director with Scentsy Fragrance. She loves to help men and women start a candle business in Canada, US and the UK.  You can reach Theo at  and

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