How Women Deceive Themselves in Their Marketing

Marketing DiagramBy Kelly Robbins

I have spent the last several years speaking with hundreds of women business owners interested in taking control of their lives and proactively growing their business. While these women may be great at what they do, what they aren’t doing is making money and attracting new clients. They are falling into the trap of doing what everyone else is doing rather than doing their own thing. They are stuck in a box of limited thinking using tools they are comfortable with.

Here are just a few of things work at home women are telling me they are doing to proactively get new clients that aren’t working:

  • I’m rewriting my website.
  • I’m sending out a newsletter.
  • I’m rebranding.
  • I’m checking Craigslist and every day and really trying to be the first one to respond – but I keep getting underbid.
  • I started going to the chamber of commerce meetings – a lot of the businesses like me but don’t have any money.
  • The economy has really affected my business. I have been slow for 4 years now. My business was all on referrals but now I don’t have any.
  • I’m a generalist and don’t really have a target market.
  • I blog and hope someone finds me on Google.
  • I am active on Facebook and Twitter and networking on LinkedIn. People are talking to me, just not buying.

These marketing tasks are the same old things experts have been preaching that marketers “have” to do to attract clients. It’s easy to be tweaking around with our website for weeks – but the fact is you’re not making any sales.

Here’s a few out of the box things I’ve seen my coaching clients do to get new business over the last few years that do bring in business immediately.

  • Copywriter in travel industry stood on a dock and handed out business cards and started conversations with boat owners in the tourism industry.
  • Healer targeting a downtown area business district created a coupon for a local delivery company to include with receipts.
  • Entrepreneur makes 20 sales calls a day, no matter what.
  • Business Consultant did a workshop at a local business meeting.
  • Business woman created her own “team” to help balance family and work life.
  • Professional Speaker made a tough decision to let go of some business that did not support the direction he wanted his business to go.
  • Massage therapist cleared out old areas of life to make room for new.
  • Practiced sales conversations. Practiced asking for the money they deserve and getting it.

Was it comfortable for them? ABSOLUTELY NOT! But these business owners have done three things to create change in their business and their life.

1. They made the decision that they are going to be successful in their respective businesses.

No one can make that decision but you.

2. They are committed to following through.

They allow no distractions. These people are committed to personal development – they hired a coach to help them see what they are not seeing and to show them where they are not playing full out.

3. They have a sense of urgency.

For some it’s paying the rent, or up-leveling to a higher six-figure number, for others it’s simply not borrowing money from family members – all of them have a sense of urgency to attract paying clients. Some are simply ready to step into their greatest power.

Many of us are taught to do specific things to grow our business. Have a nice looking website, grow a newsletter list, have a social media presence… the thing is all these marketing tools don’t bring in money TODAY. They are all good and important marketing tools, and yes I recommend everyone have a website and these marketing tools. BUT these tools are not going to bring in money TODAY. You connecting with people TODAY, right now, is going to bring in clients and money today. You can’t get around that.

Be creative girls! Don’t stick to what everyone else is doing. Be honest with yourself about when you need help and get it. Having a business coach can fast forward your learning curve, get you unstuck from the rut you dug yourself into and is a sound investment in yourself and your future.

What better thing is there to invest in than you?

Founder of The Copywriting Institute, a training and resource center for copywriters, Kelly Robbins, MA, is an award winning author, copywriter, and marketing coach/consultant. Kelly also holds a position on the Advisory Council for The DaVinci Institute’s newest program, Empire of One, helping aspiring business owners shift their lives from employee to entrepreneur. Kelly shares this space with several world-renowned entrepreneurs such as Julie Aigner Clark, Founder of The Baby Einstein Company and Dave Thomas, author of 24 books and serial entrepreneur. Kelly also created the 10K a Month Copywriter program as well as the Marketing Coaching Program for Copywriters. Visit to receive free e-zine on copywriting and business building tips as well as a free report and 1 hour audio download, “6 Things Every Copywriter MUST Know to Make High Profits in Copywriting —fast” or visit us on Facebook at

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