Ice Breaker Games for Improving Learning at Meetings

Ice Breaker Games MeetingBy Deb Bixler

The best icebreaker games are ones that get people interacting with each other without trying to embarrass people.

There are three games that work especially well and can be used in any situation.

The Idea Ball

This game is simple because all it requires is a ball that can be thrown back and forth between team members. Of course, you should choose a ball that will not cause damage or injury. A tennis ball always works well, just as long as you make a rule that the ball must be thrown softly.

 The team leader starts off by giving an idea he has for anything. It is best if these ideas are not related to the business of the group because that will help to break the tension. For example, the team leader may announce his idea for finding the right coach for his favorite sports team. Once he has announced his idea, he throws the ball to someone else and they have to give an idea that they have. The ball must be thrown to a different person each time. Once everyone has been thrown the ball, the game is over.

Two Facts and a Lie

The first thing that the team leader asks everyone to do is write down two facts about themselves and then a lie. Then each team member gives the paper to the team leader who puts the papers face down in front of him. One by one, he picks up each piece of paper and reads off the two facts and the lie. The person who wrote them must own up to them and then the group has to guess which one is the lie. 

Not only is this game a great way to break the ice at a meeting, but it also helps the group to learn a little something about each other. Make sure that you ask everyone to keep it clean.

I Met a Famous Person

People always love to talk about the famous people they meet, which is why this game is so perfect. The team leader starts off by telling his quick story about a famous person he met and then the next person in line tells their story. It is a simple game, but it is guaranteed to get people talking.

 Breaking the ice at a team meeting is important to getting people to contribute once the meeting gets started.

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