I’m With the Brand: 3 Questions to Consider as a Female Entrepreneur

“I’m With the Brand” 3 Questions to Consider as a Female Entrepreneur By Amber Schmechel

The most important element of your brand is consistency. It needs to permeate the same message time and time again. There are several factors to consider: the visual, the words, the product, and YOU.

That’s right, you! After all, who knows your company better? The goal is to get consumers “on board”. You want them to buy into your brand. If you aren’t passionate about what you are selling, who else is going to be?

Don’t shy away from self-promotion; become your own cheerleader in order to gain fans. Network by not just telling people about the solutions your company offers, but by showing them how you are a pillar of your brand values. Gain their trust and over time you will accomplish the all-important brand loyalty. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that consumers aren’t watching you to figure out what you represent and make sure what they see being represented is consistent with your brand.

Ask Yourself These Three Questions:

1. What makes you different?

What sets you apart from the competition as a brand ambassador and human being? Use those skills and ideas to promote your company. Communicating your message in a consistent and intriguing way will dictate how people relate to your company.

2. What are you most proud of in your company?

Do you donate profits to charitable organizations? Do you enlist summer interns in order to help them gain valuable experience? Whatever it is, shout it from the rooftops! People want to know why they should give you their money and they want to feel good about where they are putting it.

3. What do I want people to remember my company by?

Aside from putting out a superb product, do you want to be known for old fashioned customer service? Do you want to be looked at as modern and fast? Everything you do, from the way you respond to an email to the way you carry on a phone conversation, will be part of your brand’s larger message.

When asking how you should represent yourself, ways to communicate with a customer, or if you should tweak a product, remember this: IT ALL MATTERS. You are an extension of your brand and your company’s greatest asset. Make sure the consumers see it that way also.

Amber Schmechel is a business writer who focuses on topics such as branding, logos, and entrepreneurship.  She is the Public Relations Director at www.LogoGarden.com.

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