Important Social Media Marketing Terms for 2013

By Emma-Julie Fox

Ever since the year began, there have been a slew of posts about social media predictions for 2013. Some of them may mention jargon and even concepts that the ‘not-so-social-savvy’ may find hard to understand.

As a small business owner, one of the key things that you need to arm yourself with is knowledge to prepare yourself with the challenges of social media this year. So, here’s a list of the most important terms that you will hear in association with social media in 2013:

1. Inbound Marketing: 

This term refers to the act of making your target customers find you rather than directly promoting your business to them. SEO tactics like content marketing, analytics, and e-mail marketing are among the most common ways of drawing customers to your company website as part of your inbound marketing efforts.

2. Digital Native:

This term is generally used to refer to individuals who practically grew up with social technology. For these people, the online world is an integral part of their daily routines. They are the primary reasons why most businesses are now focusing on social media marketing.

3. Content Marketing: 

This is a marketing strategy wherein you publish non-promotional content on your company website, blogs, social media accounts, and other platforms for purposes of establishing your expertise in your chosen field. The content you publish should, of course, be related to the business you’re running, but it shouldn’t openly push your products or services. The idea is to attract customers with your expertise, as well as that of your staff, rather than with the usual sales pitch.

4. Engage: 

This term refers to the act of communicating with other online users through social media platforms. Online engagement may entail anything from sharing web content, commenting on blog posts, writing reviews, and even something as simple as liking a Facebook post. As a business owner, your ultimate goal should be to convert the people you’re engaging into loyal customers. The good news is that there are plenty of social media analytics tools you can use to determine how your social media marketing campaign is doing and what adjustments you need to make so as to make sure you engage the right kind of people.

5. Social Communication:

You may argue that all forms of communication are social in nature, but this term actually refers to communication that happens with the use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, and online communities.

6. Advertainment:

Advertising used to connote an interruption of online users’ efforts to find what they’re interested in. These days, however, advertising is focused on ensuring that your business is what online users are interested in. That is exactly what this term means: advertising your business in an interesting and entertaining way.

7. Return on Involvement:

Since you’re involved in business, you’re likely to be familiar with the term Return on Investment. Well, this term is similar to that, except that it refers to the gains you acquire from getting involved with your target customers in online social platforms. Simply put, this is your reward for spending time and effort on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blog sites, online forums, and other online platforms.

8. Social Learning:

This term refers to the act of learning new online marketing skills simply through observation. Specifically, you learn by observing the collective behavior of your target market in social media platforms. You don’t necessarily have to change your own behavior; you simply have to use strategies that cater to theirs.

Aside from the buzz words you need to familiarize, there are also some marketing terms you’d do well to stop using in 2013. The simple reason for this is that these terms have become so overused in 2012.

1. Authentic: 

Sure, authenticity is essential to a successful social media marketing campaign. But, do we really need to keep reminding you to be authentic when you do social media marketing? There’s definitely something wrong when you need to keep telling a business owner to strive for authenticity. After all, the very essence of being authentic relies on not having to be reminded of its importance.

2. Going Viral: 

The year 2012 saw people going gaga over the thought of making a video “go viral.” The truth is that you can’t really make anything go viral. Going viral is simply the result of creating videos of excellent quality, so rather than focusing your efforts on trying to make your marketing videos go viral, you should really focus on creating excellent marketing videos.

3. User-Friendly:

Every business setting up any online site should make it a point that first-time users can navigate the pages easily. That’s a given. We really shouldn’t have to keep reiterating the importance of keeping your sites user-friendly; user-friendliness and ease of use are really just a matter of common sense.

4. Award-Winning: 

Almost every single marketing campaign includes ads that boast of a company being “award-winning.” The problem with this is that it doesn’t really tell people what award the company has won. If you really want to make your mark in 2013, then you’d best go straight to the point and enumerate any significant awards you may have been awarded instead of simply saying you’re an “award-winning” company.

5. Social Business:

Practically speaking, there’s no such thing as a social business. Or perhaps it is more appropriate to say that all businesses are social in nature. After all, every single business relies on the people who patronize its products and services and should therefore take social marketing into account.

Now that you’re aware of the social media marketing terms you need to look out for in 2013, you should be better equipped to launch a successful social media marketing campaign.

Emma-Julie Fox writes for Pitstop Media Inc, a Vancouver company that provides SEO services to businesses across North America. If you would like to invite the author to guest post on your blog please contact

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