Interview with Blossom Braemer – Co-Founder of Posh Coworking

Blossom Braemer Posh CoworkingTell us a little bit about your entrepreneurial journey and how you came up with the idea for Posh Coworking.

For Blossom Braemer, co-founder of Posh, being an entrepreneur is in her blood. From a very early age, she knew that she would be in charge of her own earnings. At 13 she was a babysitting broker. In college she started an interior decorating firm. After the birth of her first daughter, she opened a boutique décor company that catered to the needs of Walt Disney World’s “Destination Wedding” clients. In 2009, she moved half way across the country, and continued her love for entrepreneurism when she launched a home based, boutique wedding floral company. It was great! She believed in what she was doing for brides on such an important day.

At first, working from home was wonderful! The kids were getting more attention, she set her own hours, and worked on her terms. There was another side that she never considered though–it was lonely! She felt isolated and unfulfilled. There she was, brand new to Austin, no friends, no accountability partners, no community. She felt as if she were dying inside. She started thinking about other work from home professionals and said to herself “surely they struggle with this too!” That was the moment she knew that she had to find a solution. Not just for herself, but for all us. Something had to change.

In May of 2010, Blossom started talking to work from home women, asking them about the differences between the way they work, learn, communicate and connect. She knew that the solution to their needs would be having a space that fostered relationships and community. The educational workshops would be geared toward the creative personality and offer continued opportunities to use the newly found skills. It needed to be a place where they aren’t just making professional connections with each other, they are making life long friendships.
Posh Coworking opened its doors on November 1, 2011.

What should individuals look for in a coworking space?

Austin is such a wonderful and vibrant city to be a part of, and thankfully there are a variety of coworking spaces here. Each coworking space has its own rules, culture, and general vibe. Therefore, when looking for a coworking space, you should consider the space itself in terms of its viability for you and your clients, as well as its aesthetic appeal. Is this a place you can concentrate in, or are there too many distractions? Does the space inspire you? These are very important qualities to consider. Everyone has different working styles and preferences, so make sure you take that into account. Also, make sure that the space offers opportunities to learn and grow with the community there whether that be through events or just through figuring out if the community would be beneficial to you. For example, if you run a beauty business, you probably wouldn’t be getting a lot out of a tech focused coworking space.

What are some of the biggest benefits of coworking?

There are endless benefits to coworking! These spaces provide educational resources both from other coworkers and events that take place there. Coworking allows you to stay focused on your goals, be in a comfortable environment, and have a sense of purpose when heading to the office and leaving feeling accomplished that day. I believe the community aspect is the biggest benefit of coworking; having others there to connect with is wonderful. They are all resources that are there if you need them—but if you prefer to work solo, then that’s just fine too!

What cons should individuals be aware of when working in a shared office environment?

Women especially tend to be a bit chatty, so it’s really important that you come prepared with a list of goals you want to complete for that day. If you have a realistic to-do list then it can certainly help you focus better and tune out the chatter if you need to.

What is your number productivity tip for working in a coworking space?

Like I mentioned before, come prepared with goals you’d like to accomplish during your time at the coworking space. This can include both work goals and other goals like reaching out to a certain number of coworkers per week to get to know them and network. It’s good to have both work goals and coworking goals within the space because both can help your overall productivity. We offer dry erase boards in each of the offices, as well as tables that work as dry erase boards, so many of our members like to display their to do list or goals for the day on those

Does Posh Coworking allow individuals to “test drive” before committing?

Absolutely! We offer “Free Fridays” on the third Friday of every month where you can stop by, take a tour, and use our facilities for the day. Also, if you are really interested in becoming a Poshie in one of the member levels we offer, we are more than happy to discuss a trial day right then and there for you. We can be flexible with creating a package that fits your needs, just stop on by and ask!

Does Posh Coworking offer networking and self development events?

We have anything from two to seven events a week. These events range from “Poshie” member events to outside events open to the public as well. Poshie events include fun networking happy hours, or educational events like our writers lounge where members come in and brainstorm their ideas and go over their writing. Outside events are usually educational in nature, like our monthly Austin WordPress meetups or our Book Elves classes. For a complete list of events, please feel free to take a look at our schedule and of course our social media is a great place to receive event updates and invites!

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