Interview with Bonnie Andrews, Founder of Hobby to HOT!

Interview with Bonnie Andrews, Founder of Hobby to HOT!

Tell us a little bit about your blogging journey.

I suppose you could call me a ‘recovering’ control-freak ;) And that’s exactly what’s driven every entrepreneurial and blogging adventure I’ve ever embarked on.

I, like many of you I’m sure, like to know that 1) I can do what I want to do, 2) when I want to do it and 3) be with the people I want to be with – it’s my nemesis and my greatest motivation.

  • I don’t love reporting to a boss
  • I don’t love a company controlling the time I’m away from home
  • I don’t love someone else telling me that it ‘has to be done a certain way because that’s procedure’ so deal with it
  • I don’t like my creativity being stifled and
  • I love to explore

I really struggle to be a long-term, high performer when there are so many restrictions placed on me, so corporate America has never been my ‘thing.’

On the flip side, I LOVE making a difference in someone else’s life – you know what I mean? It feels really good to get up every morning and know that you’re helping someone else live their dream too.

So between my control-freak addiction and my drive to help others live their dreams, blogging and online business were a natural fit for me. It was right.

It’s a lot of work – a lot. But every day I remind myself WHY I get up to work: to be where I want to be, when I want to be there with the people I want to be with and to change lives. To change families lives.

I work to open doors for other driven, committed women to create new opportunities for themselves and their families – it’s my passion. It’s what drives my blogging journey.

How are you growing your audience?  

By knowing them better than they know themselves.

When I know my audience, their pains, their frustrations, their experiences and their dreams, I can speak to them. I can connect with them. I can offer solutions that nobody else can, simply because I know them. I’ve taken time to listen and I see myself in each of them.

There are a lot of systems I use to promote my blog and my business to drive traffic and to build social profiles, but every single one of those systems would be powerless if the end result didn’t offer a solution that my readers and clients are searching for.

What is your number one source of traffic? 

Social media and referrals for sure.

What types of monetization strategies work best for you? 

I prefer creating my own products and that works best for me. But it’s also important to remember that businesses with multiple revenue streams grow faster and stronger than those with one or two.

Don’t put all your eggs into one basket ;)

How did you take your blog to the next level?  

I wake up every morning to run a business not a blog. Remembering that is key for anyone who is working to make money blogging.

The economics for blogging businesses don’t change. Individual market needs will always drive success. Understanding supply and demand is critical.

  • Who are you speaking to?
  • What do they need/want?
  • Why do they need/want it?
  • How can you deliver what they need/want better than anyone else?

Tapping into a market and filling a need is the foundation for any successful blogging business.

What advice would you give to a new blogger who wants to monetize their blog? 

Know your audience. Know who you’re speaking to and what they need and want. That will grow your blog faster and take you further than you ever imagined. {I think there’s definitely a trend forming here ;) }

Don’t be afraid of a niche – master one.

That’s what will give you the authority and the foundation you will need to create a successful blogging business. As you grow, you’re niche will naturally change and expand. Narrowing a niche and refining a focus isn’t a pigeonhole, it’s profitable.

In the beginning, think narrow and detail.

How many hours a week do you work? And what strategies do you use for balancing your time?

When I started, I worked 40-50+ hours a week. When I launch a new product, I work about 40 hours a week the month before it launches. When I’m in maintenance mode, I work 20-30 hours a week depending on my family’s schedule.

How do I balance? I don’t. I decided a long time ago that there really is no such thing as balance but I do prioritize and work with a team.

Knowing and sticking to your priorities and leveraging what you can to grow your own team early on is critical for survival if you ask me…

One more thing, don’t beat yourself up. Don’t ride the emotional roller-coaster, it will kill you. Be gentle with yourself and don’t underestimate your talents and capability.

Think straight and remember there are no real problems, only opportunities.

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