Interview With Emily Belcher – Founder of The Unextreme

Emily BelcherTell us a little bit about your blogging journey.

My blogging journey began shortly after I became a stay at home mom. I didn’t realize how hard it would be to go back to my nursing job once our son was born. It just didn’t work for our family. After I quit my nursing job to stay at home, I flew into budget-mode immediately.

After trimming some of our luxury expenses, I decided to start couponing. I learned how to coupon from watching TLC’s Extreme Couponing. It really got me hooked and I actually enjoyed the new lifestyle. Then, I saw a job posting to be a writer for I applied and got my first blogging job as one of their store experts.

I gradually scored several other blogging jobs after I began writing for them. Then, I decided that I wanted to start my own blog and give it a shot.

What did you do before becoming a career blogger?

I was a nurse before I became a full-time career blogger. I still enjoy writing about nursing and health-related topics. I have written several articles for My main interest is in natural healthcare. Unfortunately, there aren’t many jobs available for nurses in the holistic health care setting, but I look for that to change in the future.

How are you growing your audience?

I am trying to grow my audience by connecting more with my readers. Whether its responding to comments on my blog or on social media, I think it shows that I care, which I do. If someone takes time out of their day to write a comment, I definitely always try to respond. I don’t want people to read one post and never come back. It’s nice to truly connect with your readers.

What is your number one source of blog traffic?


What types of monetization strategies work best for you?

Ads seem to be the best way for me to monetize currently.

What advice would you give to a new blogger who wants to monetize their blog?

The only advice that I would give is the advice that I should have taken in the beginning: don’t worry about it right now! Let people find out what you are all about first. It was such a waste of valuable time to worry about monetizing in the beginning. I like money, I can’t lie. But time is money and it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be earning a profit in the early stages of your blog.

As a mom, how do you manage all of your personal and blogging activities?

I only have one son and he goes to preschool a few half-days a week. My blogging time is during those hours while he’s at school because when he’s home, everyone knows it. We know it, the neighbors know it, and the whole state of North Carolina knows it. I also get up a few hours before he does so that I can get a few more things done.

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