Interview With Jessica Nazarali – Success Coach

Interview With Jessica Nazarali - Success CoachTell us a little bit about yourself and your entrepreneurial journey. 

Prior to leaving my day job in business development, I ran my website,, and online health food store,, on nights and weekends.

Over time, people started to notice and came to me asking how they too could create their own businesses, while still working in their day jobs. I knew I could teach others to recreate the success I had created.

I quit my job to focus on my coaching business and I haven’t looked back since. Now I work with women all over the world to create their own successful coaching businesses and quit their day jobs and do something really meaningful.

What did you do before launching your coaching business?

My websites were really successful and I was making $5,000 a month, in addition to my day job. Sounds amazing, right? $5,000 from a side business!

I knew I couldn’t have two jobs forever, but making the leap to devote myself 100% to my own business seemed scary right up until the moment I did it. I share a lot about that experience in my e-book, Leaping From The Ladder, which is part memoir, part how to guide.

What do you believe has contributed to your success? 

Quite simply, I never give up. I’ve had some flops and failures on the road to success, but that’s part of it. I’ve learned so much along the way about what works and what doesn’t. I know if I keep putting my all into it everyday, I’ll not only continue to have  amazing results like I’ve had to this point, I’ll be helping other women to do the same.

For more on how I earned $27K in one month as a coach, you can listen to my success secrets.

How are you currently growing your business? 

I’m a big believer in story telling. People want to hear honest stories so I try to be really candid in my blog posts and on social media, revealing both my insecurities and challenges, as well as the extraordinary lifestyle I get to enjoy because I work for myself.

Content marketing, or giving readers and fans really useful information (along with pretty photos) is really the only marketing I do. Facebook has been huge for me to get my message out there and share it with the world.

What types of marketing strategies work best for you? 

I love doing live events and I’ve found them to be really successful for me. Of course, that’s not realistic for everyone. I also do webinars and recorded classes, which can have a broader reach for my audience outside of Sydney, Australia.

I use Facebook ads for most of my advertising. It’s a great value, so anyone can start running ads, no matter what your budget or how long you’ve been in business. I think it’s really important to get started, rather than to feel like, “I’m not ready to advertise yet. Or I’m not ready to create a product.” By putting yourself out there and just making it happen, you’ll become ready.

What advice do you have for other women who want to start their own business? 

Find a mentor who can support you. You’ll learn so much, of course, but you also are held more accountable for making the kind of progress you want to make. Particularly if you still have your day job, finding someone who can guide you through the process of making your side business profitable and stable enough to quit and focus on it full time is invaluable.

Also, be clear on what type of business you really want. It’s easy to get sidetracked, so remind yourself regularly of what you desire to create and share with the world. Then combine that with what really makes money. That’s your sweet spot and what you should focus on.

On those “don’t feel like it days”, what motivates you to keep going? 

I put on upbeat music and dance around the house until I’m in a better mood. It’s surprising how well it works!

How do you manage all of your personal and business activities? 

I actually find it’s easy to balance work and personal life, working for myself. And I mix the two frequently. I’ll have lunch or drinks with other women entrepreneurs. Even after date nights with my husband, I’ll post a picture to my Facebook page. It’s become part of my brand to share both business and home life.

I love travel – I’ve gone all over the globe in the past year – and I work while I’m away. All I need is my laptop and an internet connection and I can connect with my clients and run my business from anywhere.

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