Interview with Mindee Doney – Owner at Juicebox Idea Consulting (Inventor of Boogie Wipes)

Interview with Mindee DoneyTell us a little bit about yourself and your entrepreneurial journey.

Four scores and many moons ago, I popped out a kiddo and the journey commenced! I had a degree in psychology, business and marketing and worked for some larger companies in marketing and PR for about 8 years. But once I had my first baby, I wanted more flexibility and to be able to call my own shots with scheduling especially. I wanted control over who I worked with and what tasks I did.

Being a mom does not fill my well of creativity, productivity and purpose in all the ways my spirit needs, so I had to make sure I found those things in my work. I started off doing some consulting, like I’m doing now, helping others market their businesses. About six months in, I wanted something all mine and a bit more substantial, so I took out a small business loan and purchased a trade show for women in the Pacific NW called The NW Women’s Show. I LOVED it. I produced it for four years and then sold it when Boogie Wipes was born and took off.

So doing the math… I have been working in my own businesses for about 11 years (making money in them for about eight – LOL).

I have three marvelous, magical munchkins ages 4, 7 and 11 who challenge me to dig deep and live large each and every day! I was a single mom for the last few years, but just recently found my better half and we became engaged just a few weeks ago. He has three kids too – it’s a very blessed, very Brady story.

Why did you decide to leave Boogie Wipes and what are you up to now?

I didn’t actually decide to leave Boogie Wipes. My business partner Julie and I ran the company together for about four years together. I did the marketing, PR, product development, packaging etc… pretty much anything a consumer would see or touch.

Julie managed the finances, operations and sales. Unfortunately, we had a falling out and one of us needed to move on. Her position as CEO was not something that could be compromised, so ultimately I had to leave.

Especially being the creator and inventor of the product it was a very sad, rough time for me that taught me a tremendous amount about business, friendship and myself. For that I am very grateful and do believe everything happens for a reason.

I was able to secure some of my salary when I left the company, so I had about a year of living expenses covered, so I could be a SAHM full time for a little while. When that ended, I very seriously considered going back to work in a “regular” capacity. Ultimately, I think I knew it would break my heart to be away from the kids so much, especially after everything I put them through working 60+ hours a week at Boogie Wipes for so long.

So instead, I chose to see how I could do as a consultant, using what I had learned at Boogie Wipes to help others. I opened Juicebox Idea Consulting in the summer of 2012. I’m not 100% sure month to month still how things will pan out with my clients and my income, but it is definitely growing and I’m getting closer and closer to that stability.

I have helped 50+ pretty cool idea people work on building their businesses, and it has been incredibly rewarding. We have cut back on expenses and luxuries enough for me to make it work financially (it’s amazing how much you really don’t need when it’s that or your freedom).

I have also been working a bit on another new consumer product and trying to finish up a book about how to protect yourself, your family and your finances when your business takes off faster than you know what your doing. Little bits of juicy goodness that feed my insatiable nature ;) .

How many hours do you work a week and how much is spent is your home office?

It’s light right now, less than 20 probably, because it’s summer and the kids are in tow. I’m incredibly disciplined about working when I work and not when its mommy time. I played that game of trying to do them both when I was at Boogie Wipes and it totally broke me.

My laptop stays in my office, I only work when the kids are at school, with a friend or at their dad’s house. If I tell them I will be done working at 3:00 to go to the park, I’m done at 3:00 and we go to the park, no matter how important the 2:55 email was. I found tremendous stress when constantly trying to wear both hats at once (i.e. always sneaking off for an email or work while kids were distracted). It made me short with them and my work less than optimal.

Don’t misunderstand, motherhood is still hard for me most days and I still sneak off for sure when I’m mommying, but more to things like laundry, yard work, bill paying or housework. Things that don’t make me frustrated at the kids when they interrupt and act their age.

It’s an intentional choice for me EVERY day, to just be still where I am scheduled to be at that moment. I always say guilt trips are gut checks and if you are feeling bad about working, you have not given enough undivided attention to your family that week. If you are anxious and feel overwhelmed while you are with your family, you have likely not given enough to your work or yourself somewhere.

There is no magic potion of how many hours are required in each one. Its just whatever it takes to balance YOU, center you and allow you to show up for every moment. Some women need more work, some crave more family and home time. We are all programmed a little different and at different phases in our family and career. The most important thing is staying in touch with it.

How would you rate your success?

Success is an opinion. In my opinion, my life is very blessed and I’m quite successful at grabbing it by the tail. I have had my share of bad decisions and failed moments. I don’t really think you’re living up to your potential if you don’t have some. Mistakes are proof you are trying for more, for better – to be the best you can possibly be. Who wants to live their life without ever seeing the view from there?

What has been your biggest business struggle as an entrepreneur?

Many business owners say money, I say it’s people. If you get that resource right, the money you need will find you. People who expect more of you than you can deliver. People who move faster or slower than you would like them to. People who challenge you to look inward and discover more of what you are capable of or help you understand the way your actions motivate or deter people. People who need you to do things you can’t. People who listen but don’t hear you. Communication and relationships is always a struggle and everything typically comes right back down to the heart of the matter. I make less and less choices with my head and more with my heart, because that’s simply how I want my business and my life to grow – with compassion and fairness and kindness and consideration for others. Everyone has different priorities, those are mine, and I struggle often not to get caught up in the dollars and sense of it all – and just focus on the giving and living. It’s a very easy trap to fall into.

What advice would you give to a new entrepreneur?

Determine your happy point and work backwards. What will a good day look like for you if you chase your dream and follow your idea? Write it down and work towards it – live it.

So often people just go and try to fill this bucket of money and fame, and glory and power, and don’t realize there is a huge hole in the bottom of it where their life is falling out.

- What’s the amount of money you NEED to make each month in your business to pay for what you NEED in your life?
- How many of your widgets will you need to sell to make that amount?
- Is it realistic to work the amount of hours you are willing to put in and actually get to that number?
- If not, what changes can you make to either of them to align your priorities and your actions?

Planning, goal setting and talking to your family about changes they can expect are all important tasks, and then keep your work time sacred and your family time sacred. Plan your work time down to the hour in order to truly see where you are investing in all aspects of your business.

There will be many things you don’t want to do, they will be hard and challenge you, and that’s exactly why not everyone can be an entrepreneur. Embrace them and do your best to give them all your focus and attention. It’s the only way to know you are building a solid foundation for your business, and your life to get you to that happy point you dreamed of in one piece. ;)

Oh and GOOGLE EVERYTHING! LOL – so much great info out there free, ready and waiting. A mentor is great too, someone like me who can share experience and insight having been there. Help you look at things from all angles and not get so caught up in the everyday decision making that you lose sight of the overall objectives.

How do you manage all of your personal and business activities?

One week at a time. I use Outlook Calendar.

I surround myself with people who forgive me for being forgetful sometimes, and I do the best I can to plan unplanned time for all the stuff that doesn’t get done during the planned time.

I have learned to not set myself up for failure anymore, by promising more than I can deliver or delivering more than I’m willing to keep up with. With my business I have certain days I focus on certain tasks and try really hard to stick to them, so I know I have a good pulse on all aspects of how things are going, versus spending way too much time analyzing my Google hits, doing my books, or chatting on social media.

Really like I mentioned earlier, its all about knowing you, where your center is, and what pace is reasonable for you to keep your smile on your face. Make your rules for scheduling, living, spending and playing. Make sure the exceptions that come along, stay exceptions and don’t become new rules, that will ultimately lead you to being less than your best in every aspect of your life.

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