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Miranda GrimmTell us a little bit about your blogging journey.

I began blogging 4 years ago, in June 2010. I wasn’t sure what a blog really was at the time, but it seemed like a great way to publicly store the information that I had been researching. At the time I was working from home for a virtual call center but many major life changes were on the horizon. I knew a phone job would no longer work for our family. I began a search for a job I could do from home that was flexible enough to work around my two very young children’s schedules. As I began learning about the opportunities available online, I ran into two issues. One problem I faced was the lack of quality information available about companies offering remote jobs. At that time, it seemed there was a common mentality of keeping things on the low-down. But on the other hand- I personally knew of hundreds of people who were eager to find legitimate work from home but felt every turn they made led to a dead end. I wanted to share what all I had learned and help others find what they were so desperately seeking.

My online friends quickly began coming to me for help finding work from home jobs and the blog just made sense. It seemed a lot easier to share a link than to type out the same questions/answers to each person.

Now, four years later, the entire industry has completely changed. Not just working at home – but blogging as well! It’s been a great journey that keeps me on my toes.

How are you growing your audience?

What I have learned about myself and blogging is that the more I surround myself with the subject by being in the middle of this niche – the more aware and in-tune I am with the readers. Knowing what they want allows me to provide articles that feed their need. I don’t always get it right, but each article is a learning process. But I know now, just give them what they want – they find their way.

Additionally, being surround by all things of my niche, keeps me pretty active socially and that has provided a huge benefit to the growth of my blog audience.

What is your number one source of traffic?

Google Search traffic is my biggest source of traffic followed by social sites like StumbleUpon and Facebook.

How many hours do you work a week?

As of right now, I estimate that I work around 20 hours a week, taking care of 2 very active blogs. However, my youngest starts Kindergarten in the fall and I plan to increase my work hours as much as I can!

What types of monetization strategies work best for you?

Finding monetization programs that directly fit my niche is proving to be the most beneficial for the blog. While Google Adsense and private ad sales certainly make up the biggest chunk of my income – I love finding affiliate programs of things I already use and love. There is nothing more rewarding that truly loving something that rewards you for spreading the word – especially when you would’ve done it for free anyway!

How would you rate your success?

This is a tough question and depends on what I look at. Overall, and without sounding too vain, I feel really proud of myself. There’s certainly so much more room for growing and maturing of my blogging career. However, when I step back and realize I made my own career out of nothing. I work from home, keeping my kids priority and still make twice what I would anywhere local working half the hours. I am truly a very blessed woman.

What do you believe are the hottest telecommuting opportunities right now?

1. Social Media and Chat Based jobs get a lot of attention! It’s clear people are interested in jobs that are flexible with the hours worked.

2. People who are fine working a phone job are interested in the big household name companies. Generally, they offer benefit packages and people feel more stable working for a company their grandma is familiar with.

What is your best advice to women who are looking to work from home?

Understand and accept that it will scare the living daylights out of you. It is a huge adjustment and not socially normal. It’s hard to picture yourself in the lifestyle of working from home because you probably haven’t seen it before. But if it’s truly what you want- don’t let fear stop you!

As a mom of two, how do you manage all of your personal and blogging activities?

I don’t know that I am managing them to be honest. I mean, things aren’t falling apart but it is certainly not the most organized. School schedules are always changing and my husband is a truck driver who has a random schedule. It seems every time I get settled into a routine- something changes. So, I try to be more flexible with life. I handle blogging business when it seems the kids are occupying each other or themselves or at night when things are settling down. I stopped stressing about how many posts I make or if I keep everything up-to-date a long time ago. In the end, I’m worthless to everyone if I am too stressed and high-strung. I have somehow learned to take it all as it comes.

What has been your biggest struggle as a home-based worker and blogger?

My biggest struggle being a home based blogger is learning to set boundaries. It didn’t take long for me realize that there are people who will take every ounce you give them and expect more. I’ve learned to be more assertive about what I will and will not do for people. For example, I will not hold anyone’s hand as they apply for or look for jobs. It used to make me feel cold and cruel, but it is extremely time-consuming and draining. It’s also hard because deep down I want to hold their hand and help them through the intimidating process, but it takes away from my family and the blog.

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