Is It Really YOUR Business?

Business IndecisionBy Milissa Harding

One of the things that entrepreneurs often experience (but rarely talk about!) is the feeling of not really liking what they think they should be doing. What do I mean by this? Well, as entrepreneurs, we receive too many ideas of what we should be doing (from mentors/coaches, books, other resources), and it’s so easy to just start doing those things, even if we’re not really enjoying them.

How often have you received advice about something that you should be doing in your business, but it just doesn’t feel right to you? How often do you just go along with what everyone else seems to be doing (ex-exploring new social media platforms, trying out a new way of “closing no longer the deal”), but doing these things doesn’t really feel like you?

When you try to keep up with all of the “stuff” out there that you hear and read about, eventually your business. Part of your business might look like what “that person” thinks it should look like, and another part of your business might look like what “that book or resource” says it should look like. When this happens, your business no longer looks or feels like your business, which is quite sad and frustrating as well. So, how do you prevent this from happening?

Trust Your Gut:

There are so many different ideas and strategies out there, so it’s important to make sure that the ones that you are using in your business feel right and reflect the way that you want to run your business. People can sense when your “business energy” is not quite right, so be careful about what you choose to say yes to. One easy strategy that you can begin to use is to simply pay attention the way you feel when you are presented with another idea, strategy or resource. Do you feel icky about using a particular idea, or do you feel energized when you consider using it? Your gut feelings are such beautiful cues to support you in making great decisions. Let your feelings be your guide!

Your Homework Assignment

Take a bit of time to assess how you feel before jumping at that new idea that you’ve heard about. Make sure you feel really, really good about implementing it and not just anxious that you’ll “miss out” because you aren’t using it. If you’re not feeling too excited about doing something new in your business, it’s okay to leave it for a while. You may eventually come back to it when you’re in a different thinking space, or you may choose not to come back to it at all. Use your feelings to help you make great decisions!

Milissa Harding is a Health and Lifestyle Coach and founder of Embrace You and Your Biz, where she teaches entrepreneurs with a quiet personality how to step into their own spotlight and shine, by fully embracing their lives and their businesses, from the inside out. Request your FREE gift, “The 4 Secrets to Embracing Your Life and Your Business” as well as a 5-Day Getting Started Series by visiting

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